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    New Surface Pro 3

    So Microsoft just announced the new Surface Pro 3 and it looks awesome, especially for artists since it has a digitizer in the screen. I'm probably going to buy one, but I'm not sure which one I would need. I use Manga Studio 5, and I'm wondering if anyone thinks that the version of the Surface that has the Intel Core i3 with 4gb of ram would have the speed I need, or if stepping up to and i5 and 8gb of ram would be necessary. Any thoughts?

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    I would go with the i5 + 8GB of RAM upgrade for sure (this means 256GB or more of storage is what you would need to select - It's the $1299 option). If you work with high DPI in Manga Studio or other programs, the extra RAM will be a godsend, though you won't be as likely to notice a huge difference in CPU performance between the i3 and i5. Even so, the extra horsepower will go some way to future-proofing the system.

    To put things into perspective a little bit, 4GB of RAM is sort of the "sweet spot" for Windows since Vista. It's enough for Windows to be happy and to run a few programs without much of an issue. When you start getting into high DPI, multi-layer art, however, that can balloon easily. For example, merely loading a 20-layer roughly 3000x3000 pixel image in Photoshop grinds up 1GB of RAM, and that's not including history and so on - just loading the file. You'll be much better off in the long run with the extra RAM for sure, especially since I'm pretty sure you can't upgrade it later.



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