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    Seeking Artist For Darou Icon Commission

    Character in question - (nsfw)

    Budget – 25$ USD(willing to go for a higher price if I really like your style so post away even if your out of the budget)

    I have no specific idea right now so just post what ever you offer for Icons.

    Styles – All are welcome^^

    This is a payed project that has a deadline of 1 Month(30 Days) attached all thou a different deadline can be discussed if you need longer to complete it. Issues you may have irl will only be taken in consideration if you notify me in a timely matter, lack of internet access is not a permissible excuse to not notify me or not get the commission done and sent over...{*1}

    Payment is upfront unless your Gallery is new or has little to show in the amount of submissions, in that case payment after the completion of the Project is only permissible.
    US based Artists will only be payed thru “Square Cash”, all others may receive payment thru “Paypal”.

    Up on choosing the desired Artist to work with, il email you a message titled “CONFIRMATION LETTER” containing my contact email, a re-question of your understanding and acceptance to all that this payed project entitles and a copy of your filled out application form together with this Hiring Form that you read thru, you are expected to reply with your answer and the email that the payment should be sent to.
    Once payment is sent and recieved, time starts counting towards the deadline, payment will be withdrawn after 48 Hours if you do no confirm you have received it. Invoices are not allowed unless noted in your applications under "other points", my email for payments will be sent with the Confirmation letter in that case.

    -If you have a problem of any kind me, the project or some issue in real life do not hesitate to notify me, I don't bite.
    -Upon confirmation, all communication pertaining to the payed project is only allowed per email, other paths of communications may only be used by me or you prior to receiving the confirmation letter
    -All finished work must be sent as attachments to my email while wips/samples may be hosted on 3rd party sites and linked in a email if you like.
    -Understand that I may contact you at anytime in the month so be respectful in responding, I of course wont pester you every other day thru there is a chance i may contact you from time to time, this is not a lone wolf commission.

    Artist will be chosen in about 2 Days from now.

    Please fill out the application form below, completely and truthfully
    It can be posted here as reply or as PM titled "Icon Application"

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++
    Application Form:
    Prices - [Price list + prices written out and resolutions you offer, if you do customs note so in other points]
    Examples – [links to specific images only, no gallery links or embedded images please, specify styles if applicable]
    ToS/RoE - [Linked, must be publicly accessible and more then 20 Days old, TOS's within Journals and Portfolios are only accepted if they are linked or Tabbed on your front page]
    Contact Email – [must be one I can get a response from you in a reasonable time frame]
    Art Representation – [links to all galleries you possess]
    Completed work Specs. - [what I receive in return for paying for your service; file type, resolutions, quality, versions, eta...]
    Are you a US based Artist? - [yes/no]
    Have you read, understand and accept all that this payed Project entitles to? - [yes/no]
    Other Points – [specify any other information]
    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++

    Foot Notes:
    {*1} you can always use a public computer at a college, coffee shop or library and USB sticks for transfering files from your computer to a public computer.

    If you have any questions just PM me here.

    Ryu Deacon

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    Application Form:
    Prices -
    Examples – <-more comic book style icons, much cheaper option much more detailed, expensive(35$) option
    ToS/RoE -
    Contact Email –
    Art Representation –
    Completed work Specs.: You will get the original file size, for an icon this can range from the 500x500 size for the comic book style icons, or the 3000x3000 for the more detailed. All artwork is watermarked except the comic book icons. Artwork is given in high resolution PNG files, also available are the photoshop files
    Are you a US based Artist? - No. Canadian
    Have you read, understand and accept all that this payed Project entitles to? - Yes
    Other Points – None

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    Hi i'm having a hard time making out all that information (large paragraphs don't do well with my eyes, things get muddled), but here's some things!

    Examples of my work can be found in my gallery: Weasyl, Deviantart, Tumblr
    And my TOS/Payment information can be found in my commission information, it should cover all the things you wanted to know.

    I am in the US, but I can only take paypal. :T So if you're interested not sure how that'll work out. We can figure something out.
    Weasyl | DeviantART | Tumblr
    Always open for commission!



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