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    I do it to share with other folks that I know, mostly family and friends on Facebook. It's also an easy way to refer people to my body of work. An online portfolio, essentially. I do occasionally take commissions, so when I want to open up a slot, I can simply link my gallery. Lastly, I like the community factor. Interacting with other artists, encouraging one another in our artistic journeys, and learning from one another (whether through critique, or just through observance and admiration of those more advanced than you). I also like to be able to go back and see my old stuff, see how far I've come, read my descriptions, etc. Sort of like a little art journal. =)

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    Not lying for the hopes someone might commission something or buy one of the ych stuff I post. Money is rough and job searching is even rougher so gotta hold onto the small hope yaknow?

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    I'm just paying back in. I love looking at art and fanart, so I put mine out there in case someone might get the same joy out of seeing my works as I get out of seeing other's.

    Critique, tips, feedback, is nice too

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    To look back at the memories.

    I upload my artwork to remember them. The good things, the bad things, the dreams,
    and the times I get to laugh. I love looking at my old stuff, and get so excited to make new stuff.
    I upload to show the steps on my journey of an artist. I never delete those steps because
    it's neat to look at those places I tripped over before. It's amazing.

    If people like what I do, that's just a big bonus!

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    I guess I upload my art in part to expand my audience (and therefore my potential customer base for commissions and/or convention sales), and in part to share my work with those who might enjoy it - maybe in some small part to inspire others who are where I once was in their artistic development. Back when I was drawing a weekly webcomic, it was to hopefully give people a good chuckle. Heck, I don't even know anymore if I can pinpoint a super-specific, underlying reason besides those and a host of other reasons.

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    idk, i want to know what people think of it (people how are not friends of mine)

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    If I upload drawing its for kinda sharing.

    I don't draw and most of them are commission I ask or art that I buy from someone.

    I would like to draw, but with the old computer I have I'm having trouble with live chat and any place that have video like youtube. This machine struggle to open office.

    Anyway I would like comment on them and the pictures I upload plus my story. But I never get any. because of that I kinda feel like the are not worth any critics or comment

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    Honestly, yeah, the attention/audience. I don't really feel like comments are any different than faves or views, it's all about wanting a response, some validation that your existence was noticed and, perhaps, contributed positively to someone else's life. If I didn't care about that, I'd just make work and keep it all to myself, maybe show a few friends.

    I guess I see a lot of people come off as "above it" and there's this big "omg u just want asspats!!1" subculture, like artists should spend hours labouring on something they don't really have an investment in emotionally or want to share with ppl; "Oh look, I'm cool and aloof."-- and I guess it's made me pissy over the years! But if I was just happy creating my work, I'd *just* create my work and not bother so much to show people (and uploading across 4 sites is a huge bother, lbh! If I was making profit off my art I'd hire an intern to do it for me :p )

    But, if we wanna be site-specific, I keep coming back to gallery sites in a nostalgia move for the Old Days of finding friends and community; but the catch-22 is that I often don't have the wherewithal to sustain interaction; pay the dues of comment/faving and all that.

    Part of me prefers the more free-form tumblr and twitter; no titles, no comments, just re-posting on different feeds and giving it a little blinky of approval. I don't need a personal message from everyone who likes a picture, though I deeply appreciate them and like receiving them! I just don't have the energy/attention span to make the small chat that are comments. (& yes I know I write long posts, but I find having a lot to say about something small is easier than having something small to say a lot.)
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    I'm not really sure anymore.

    At first, it was because I had a bunch of art and stories I'd created for myself, before I'd discovered the Internet and the art sites thereon. Once I realized there were other people who liked the same things I did and were clamoring for art of it, I decided to share it.

    However, after I posted everything I had, I didn't really have the drive to make more. I'd created all of it because, without the Internet, there was no other way to get it. Even in isolation, I wound up making things quite similar to a lot of what was already out there, and once I had huge piles of it to look at without having to make it myself, a lot of my impulse to create dried up. I don't think I've ever really recovered from that. I've certainly created things in the meantime, but all too often, it's felt forced, like I'm just trying to make up something to post for its own sake.

    Getting views and favorites are okay, and comments are even better, but the knowledge of having shared with the world a piece of work that I'm proud of is probably the best part. I feel like it should be, at least.

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    I think that I upload my art to receive feedback and to show my art to other people.
    I usually do fanarts, so I find it funny to share it with other fans out there. And they send me comments that help me to improve on the parts I'm not good at.



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