I was going back through my gallery today when I noticed that the color blocks in my character sheet, which had been carefully sized and positioned so that they'd be solid even with JPEG compression, had funny edges. Sure enough, the picture (and a few others) had been resized to 1024 pixels wide and re-saved. Clicking the picture took me to the original version, and pictures taller than 1024 instead of wider appear to be untouched, so it appears to have been done for not-stretching-the-viewport purposes. I happened to be in a maximized window at the time, though, and since this site is known for its responsive layout, it's weird that it's feeding me an unnecessarily-scaled-down image. Even deviantART gives you the option to keep the image at its original size, and only downscales (using the client-side code, so that a right-click download still grabs the full picture) if there's legitimately not enough room.

I guess what I'm saying is, I don't see the point of this feature and would rather it go away.