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    I start companies, make recipes and craft things.

    And it's not just food, it's soap, polymers, scents and what have you. It's a good thing to have, and I'm great at finances, but I'm not a fan of doing it. It's just something I can do.

    What I really want to do is something in animation, even if it's the unneeded job of historian. I've always liked animation, and I can generally name a voice actor from a several second clip, where it's from, and what other things they have done. But I don't really have the talent needed to animate, or make really good stories, or even voice act...or regular act. Or anything that has to do with animation other than useless trivia.

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    The only thing I'm at all passionate about is animal rights/ welfare.
    Watch me swooce right in.

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    I'm passionate about many things, but far too tired / lazy / anxious to really do anything with much of them.

    Art has always been my "thing," though, for as long as I can remember.
    From coloring books, to drawing, to painting, to sculpting.
    Even if my insecurities about not living up to my own expectations sometimes literally drives me to tears, I turn back to the practice again and again, because I strive to do better.

    If you were to ask me what my "end goal" is, I'm not so sure.
    I don't particularly want an occupation in art. I don't particularly want to turn my work into a self-advertisement, or hone it into a marketing tool. Although I would not turn someone down if they wanted to pay me to adapt or take what I've already created (depending on what it is).
    I suppose I could say "to be satisfied with something."
    I want things that I can put on my walls, put on shirts, own in physical form and display to myself without endlessly picking them apart five seconds later. Something that inspires awe in myself, in the same way that I have been inspired by the work of others.
    Something I can just stare at and get lost in.

    That sounds a bit self-serving, but it is what it is.
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    I'm a teacher at heart. I made the mistake of making my former greatest-loved thing to do my profession. Now I'm not very fond of it.

    This is why the things I still love (teaching, writing, art) I will never make an effort to turn into my profession, else I might end up becoming less fond of them.

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    I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranguvar View Post
    I am at the moment writing a lengthy indictment against our century. When my brain begins to reel from my literary labors, I make an occasional cheese dip.
    I would love to proofread for you.
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    I don't want to be dependent on anything, or have to be a part of society for any reason. As such, everything i've been doing for a while is rooted in my intention to completely separate myself from society and never have to work for another person again. Labor and Work in of itself is entirely for the purposes of survival, and the wonderful thing about it is that it cannot be directly used for survival in our current system, unless you have capital. And, accumulating capital is a bit difficult, unless you go through college. And, your three options are:
    1) Work your ass off to pay for college, and have severe difficulty affording college with low wages.
    2) Student Loans, leading to the equivalent of having to work for free for a while for your new employer as you have to pay off your debts and cover costs of living for about 10 years.
    3) Military, and signing your life up for 4-6 years active duty, or 10 years of Nat Guard/Reserve duty, which is just slavery to Uncle Sam.

    Or, you can slowly build capital by being lucky or really tricky, and working shit-tier jobs until you have enough capital to retire, or separate yourself from society.

    And, i'm sort of taking option one along with the last option of working my ass off in about 4 directions.

    I want to be completely self-sufficient in food, and I want to develop my own tools, and machinery so that I don't have to waste capital on machines, and I wish to engage in my own industries on my little homestead, and take that shit in to farmers markets and flea markets where I can profit from the Champagne Socialists and Yuppies who're obsessed with conspicuous consumption in the form of shopping locally, and dropping money on green things.

    If I do anything with society, I want it to be on my own terms.

    And in the long run, I would like to help liberate others from this situation, if they want it.

    I believe that libertarianism, and market anarchism is an entirely valid system for the structuring of a society, but it is only possible through self-liberation, and through redistribution of capital to every person in society as so that all persons have access to the same basic capital goods, tools, and machinery with which they can use to make products.

    I believe that credit and interest is valid if one voluntarily chooses to utilize it. It should not be an expectation that someone has credit history, and that should determine whether they can be trusted with money or not, and I feel that, often times, it is predatory.

    That is why I maintain one line of credit, in the form of a credit card. And I use it for shit like gas, and nothing more.

    I know that not everyone can do that, especially socialized people who think that credit is absolutely necessary for survival and are readily influenced by its poisonous, addictive properties. I know that many people are victimized and ruined by capitalism. But, I believe that the basic nature of markets could lead to the development of a system where persons could voluntarily exchange their labor or product of their labor in exchange for things that they may not have immediate access to through their own work, or things which they lack expertise in, such as medicine, or highly technical skills. This is even the basis of having social product, from which one could get what they need as a result of making contributions to the social product, and, in the spirit of charity and goodwill, permit non-productive individuals to also benefit from the social product.

    By whatever name it exists by, there is a better, equitable system out there, and it is nowhere close to the one that we live in, and nowhere close to the one's that have been established in the likes of "Marxist states", and their inevitable evolutions, which are the oligarchical capitalist states in the former Soviet Union, where party functionaries and the members of the upper class established in "Socialist states" kept their power as they converted to Capitalism, and whatever the hell exists in China now, where the Communist Party of China is now wholeheartedly capitalist in all regards save for rhetoric, and persons like Hu Jintao have amassed billions in their personal wealth.

    Socialism and Capitalism cannot exist where a state exists, for the existence of a state is dependent on the utilizing economic, social (think peer pressure and societal expectations and pressures), and physical coercion for the sake of maintaining its existence. Instead, what we get is just an advanced version of sharecropping or slavery.

    So, i'm going to put myself through suffering for a while, if it means I won't have to suffer for the rest of my life and can remove those close to me from having to suffer under the system that currently exists. And if anyone wishes to join me, then good. The only times that Socialism has truly existed has been in the form of voluntary communities, and those who have basically seceded from society at large, like in the case of the Oneida Community, and the modern Twin Oaks Community in Virginia, wherein these individuals have chosen to operate with their own economies and be self-sufficient in everything they do, then sell the surplus of their labor to maintain their sovereignty while both avoiding the ills of society and avoiding any confrontation with the system through that lovely set of excuses the State uses for prosecuting its subject peoples, like "anti-social behavior", "Noncompliance with Law", or "Tax evasion/resistance", wherein the economic activities it forces the lower classes (other than the groups that are completely dependent on the state, who have no economic capital or weight it could use to act against the state, such as welfare recipients, disabled persons, and the elderly, who the state believes have no capabilities in further capital acquisition or action against the state) are forced to hand over a percentage of their surplus/acquired capital to continue to maintain part of the state as "a citizen's duty", while the individuals with the most capital are co-opted by the state, and rewarded, since their activities assist in perpetuating the system which the state has established through involving more and more of the states' citizenry in this system of social dependence/slavery.

    That is what i'm passionate about.
    When I no longer have to work for another man, for money, I will be happy.
    All careers, save for being an independent individual devoid of influence by the tools of society like partisan politics, pop culture, and mainstream religions or adherence to self-destructive or redundant philosophies (like postmodernism, or deconstruction) or "sub-cultures that aren't part of the mainstream" which eliminate their members' influence or power within a society through eliminating their economic potential or their dignity (think of furries talking about their financial problems, yet continuing to commission porn artists, and subcultures like Hippies, who don't work at all, and thus have no economic weight behind their actions, or punk, which isn't organized and incapable of anything than implementing a riot and sparking reactionary behavior from society at large, or gay pride parades, which objectify homosexuals over empowering them, and glorify the act of sex and romance over the fight for all of the economic and health benefits of living and working to benefit the people they really know and love, and the ostracization that all individuals in these subcultures face if they don't follow what is valued by the group, to the point of being disowned by the group of people they identify as being with) of all of these subcultures.

    I'm mad about all those things. I am passionate about those things. I think social pressures, and economic coercion for any reason are the worst things in the world, and I want to eliminate any reason that I might ever be co-opted by all these things, and I want to eliminate any threat which people and society might present towards all those who should never be subjected to such things, and wish to voluntarily act with me to live their lives free of coercion, in a true state of freedom.

    I am passionate about never being a slave to another human being. Instead, I choose to be a servant to those who wish to serve me and serve themselves in working with me and with the group I wish to establish.

    I want to be free, and I will do everything to experience true freedom and maintain it, and if a sustainable, rational approach is encroached upon, and everything is threatened with being taken away, then I will take any means necessary to fight for my own freedom, and the freedom of all men, women, and genderfluid persons who wish to do whatever necessary to secede from society with me if they are willing to do the same for themselves and me.

    But, at the moment, I am an assistant manager at a fast food restaurant, and a student at a community college, and I do a bunch of stuff on the side to make money, and have been saving it, and maintain a decent investment portfolio of about 30,000 dollars that has been collecting since I opened it with my parents' permission since i've started making money (when I started mowing lawns and hustlin' at around 10), even if I didn't have a goal with it other than to eventually retire or use it for my own purposes at some later point in life.

    I want to write, and maintain my hobbies of gaming, reading, drawing, music, woodcarving, home improvement, craft architecture, making furniture, history, folklore, the occult and paganism, and dicking around with automobile restoration and maintenance, travel, and fucking cruisers and choppers. Oh, and being a dominant person with a passion for bondage, rope working, discipline, and being Pontius Pilate, inflicting pain with meaning, love, and passion behind it. :3

    Edit: Holy shit. I made a roosepost.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoyoteCaliente View Post
    So here's a question. What do you do?

    But let me be specific.

    When talking to people, this is a question I often bring up. Usually it's answered with, "Well I work at...." or "I'm studying for...."

    But I always ask the question again, because that's not what I want to know, necessarily. I don't want to know where you work, or what you're doing in school, but rather what do you do? What's your passion? What's that thing that defines you?
    you, you are awesome ... this has been a long lived petpeeve of mine. I simply can't understand why this question ALWAYS gets people to define their job (lets not drag in people who made their hobby their job,those are genue about this topic ahaha )

    I occasionally watch a show on TV during dinner where the host asks the people what 'they do in life' and I have never heard anyone actually state what they actually do, its always their damn job.

    As for the question, I consider myself a creator rather then an artist, artist sounds rather fancy and 'expensive' in my culture. Creator suits me fine.
    People have called me 'gamer' but I don't see this my main hobby or even lifestyle. I do admit I can get sucked in a game for a month and it may very well drive my art buddies nuts as I fall of the radar >_>; But its not very productive, I'v had gamers as friends and I often frustrated them as I don't want to play all the time.

    I like making drawings, paintings and writing but I don't know where to go with that, it would be great if I could settle for a thing I love and have a niche to mingle about that. As a person this is making me rather frustrated, jack of all trades master of none, so I'v decided to not venture to far from the 2D arts anymore.

    For the rest I lead a boring life, I spend most of my time in my studio drawing and painting things where 99% of what I do never see daylight, or on offdays its gaming and internet. I wish I'd go out more just to see places but that nagging voice in my head that tells me I should be drawing is extremely hard to shut up when I'm out of the studio. And I preform absolutely horrible in drawing in public.

    Why is a harder question
    Besides that it keeps me sane in this rather abusive family situation (daddy issues, oh the joy of living with a sociopath) , from the first grade in school to the last I sucked in everything,I just plain preformed horrid in everything but arts and crafts. Since nobody cared a rats ass about drawing, I just never stopped doing it, I'v adapted to drawing as 'the only thing I don't horrible suck at' even if I'm not that good at all, its by far as bad as anything else in life.

    I'v been wanting to turn it into my job but I'm not sure how, I'v hold some 'regual joe' jobs and then all bore the living hell out of me.



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