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    Wanting to start a new rp adventure

    Hey out there...so, I've always loved rps and how they can be such a wonderful collaborative effort and churn out fascinating stories and what not. And I've been working on a world and a premise for one I think could be really fun, but since I don't have a lot of rp experience and I've never run one before, I was hoping to get some advice and do some research.
    The rp I'm hoping to set up would take place in a fantasy world, starting in an arctic region that's being introduced to southern adventurerers and immersed in cultural tensions between the northern tribes and the southern explorerers. A major aspect of this world and the storyline involves a type of steed available to most peoples of the world called Quaid - giant, rideable birds similar to many of our own but that possess their own distinct characteristics. The premise is that valuable natural resources have been discovered in the arctic mountain ranges and southerners are pushing through northlands to reach them, bringing their own Quaid, unused to the harsh northern climes, and encroaching on the lands of of the native northlanders, who, while are set back some decades in technology, have knowledge and experience of their native land on their side. The characters of this world are anthro, or furry, their species based on the region they're born into - like arctic characters are arctic animals, etc.
    This rp would be called Wilderfrost.

    I'm hoping to base it out of a forum set up, with subforums for main plotline rps, art posting, character reference storage, and non-canon rping (like taking Wilderfrost characters but playing around with them in slice-of-life modern day dramas to take a break from the major plotline.)
    I want to impose some restrictions on rp play, but I don't want to constrict things too much. So is there anyone out there who can offer their knowledge and experience, or resources I can read up on? I'd really appreciate it!

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    There are many free resources that give a bit of good advice, I'll send on the links just in case there is anything that might help ^.^

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    The best way to learn is to jump in C; So I've determined. It helps if you find a partner that has the same interests etc. It sound kind of silly and corny, but it's kind of like dating lol You figure out your likes and dislikes as you go along, and the only real rule is "Don't take control of your partners character without permission." Sometimes that rule gets a little bent when you RP with someone for years, because you start to trust each other's judgement.

    I'm actually pretty interested in your idea, so if you wanted to give it a shot over email or skype I'm totally game C; I have a pet peeve about anthro or animalistic characters actually holding to the instincts and habits of the animals they exhibit, but that's about it.
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    i'm down for some role playing action just let me know when your ready

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    I would love to do this!
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