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    How do you do it?

    So since I myself have finally become a newbie in terms of commissions and things, I was curious. How do you do it? How do you become successful, catch somebody's eye that would maybe want to commission you?

    I know half of it obviously is art appeal; what's catching people's attention. The other half is getting yourself out there. I've gone around on multiple sites I've been on- Tumblr, furaffinity, Weasyl and the forums in general- and I was just wondering is there like... any tips on how to promote yourself even further other than just getting your information out there?

    I was thinking about starting up some adoptables maybe, see if something catches a person's eye. I know I'm not a fantastic crazy wow artist, but I feel I am pretty decent in terms of what I can do and what I put my work into when I have been commissioned.

    I'm just kind of curious if there's like, any helpful hints or tips to spark interest without seeming like a complete nag about "i'm doing commissions! please notice me" and things~

    sorry if this is a silly thing to ask ahh;; it's just been something that has been on my mind.

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    I was thinking of starting an ask thread in these forums with a few of my characters for funsies and promotion, and link it to tumblr and other sites personally.

    No idea if it'll work..

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    I don't really know, as I've never done a commission before - but I'd imagine just posting more, both on main sites and on forums would create more people flowing towards your page.
    Making a sketchbook thread on forums would also help.

    Make friends too. Even people you might see as almighty-artists are still just regular people. You'd be surprised how easy it is to start chatting with some and make friends!
    "Getting known" takes a lot of time and effort, though. You'd also need to try and maybe upload consistently.

    Although the above sort of applies to just about everything and not just artwork commissions.

    Personally, I'd focus more on improving my artwork than looking to do commissions. Otherwise it's like you're trying to sell a cake, only the cake is stale and with no icing or something!
    Nobody gonna be buying that cake, yo.

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    It seems to boil down to:

    - Make lots of art. Lots of art gets you noticed. (Lack of an extensive portfolio is why I currently don't offer commissions, so... take this list with a grain of salt, I guess.)

    - Engage with people. Friends are just fun anyway, but being a delight to talk to/work with seems to attract some folks business. (Not from personal experience, but the people whose commission slots seem to fill up fast have a lot of people they interact with.)

    - When it doubt, make more art. Having it (and your contact info) in multiple places is also good. (Looks like you do some furry stuff? There's also a subreddit for that, if you're the redditing type. Just another place to share your new work without having to maintain a gallery or anything.)

    - If people like you and your work, the occasional "Commission slots open!" journal should suffice (as well as having "accepts commissions" on your weasyl profile and mentioning it on your FA profile.) It won't seem like nagging, particularly if you're professional about it. "My car broke down, emergency commissions!!" won't come off as well, but there's no harm in just informing people when you're taking them, how many of them, and pointing them towards your TOS if they're interested.

    If you go the adoptables route, I'd not do the "same linework, different colors six times" thing. (But if you do, use your own linework. It looks like you're pretty capable on that front, so I wouldn't expect you to be the type to do this, but I've seen some folks try to sell recolorings of some blank free template and whyyyy.) Granted, I don't pay a lot of attention to adoptables, but when I notice them selling, it's usually uniquely-drawn designs.

    There's a lady on FA who sells a fair bit of adoptables, and hers do seem to start with the same basic body, but with things like body type/head/hands/whatever tweaked, and she has a few different bases that she drew herself so they're not all identical. She's also very sweet and quick to respond, which helps, I imagine. (They also just all look pretty slick.)

    Also, if nobody's biting on commissions for a bit, it never hurts to interact with fellow artists by doing a trade or something. I notice a bump in views and +follows when someone I've done a piece for posts it to their page. (Not that I'm saying TRADES = VIEWS. You should only do free art if you want to anyway, but can be a side benefit, and networking is always good. Allllways good.)

    And if you ever go to cons, even if you don't want to go the way of the artists' alley or a booth or something, bring a sketchbook and some business cards and be friendly! Even if there's no formal "hang out and draw" event on the schedule (there usually seems to be) there'll be groups of people drawing somewhere and you could ask if you could hang out. If y'all hit it off, swap skypes/FA usernames/whatever or give out business cards.

    TL;DR: Make art. Network network network. Make more art. Make friends.
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