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    Quote Originally Posted by Infestissumam View Post
    Lol I knew this topic wasn't going to stay nice for very long.

    I can't really find any statistics regarding female sentencing for rape. It baffles me that people still believe our courts are there for justice, though.
    For too long the legal definition of rape makes female rapists impossible. It defined rape as unwanted vaginal penetration.

    So for a very long time rape of men is obscured out of the courtroom. It's changed now, along with other unsavory qualifications like, if you're not fighting back as hard as you can constantly then it isn't rape. :|

    I was more talking about statutory rape, I think we may see more cases both ways (though they probably are still biased) simply because it's a different definition.

    Quote Originally Posted by piņardilla View Post
    Plea bargains are a great reason why trying to build a narrative out of cherry-picked anecdotes of prison sentences is a bad idea. There are far too many variables going into the outcome of any one case to draw any sort of conclusion of why the defendant got a particularly light or heavy sentence.

    Another good reason is that focusing on sentences ignores the many, many rapists that never even see the inside of a courtroom at all.
    That's why I prefer to look at the court cases themselves, or at least the summarized version with the salient facts, judgment, and reasoning. It's easier to see where the reasoning is being pulled from.

    Like I said before, I'm more focusing on statutory rape rather than RAPE, for several reasons. Rape, as in forceful or coerced, or otherwise unwanted sexual contact is a laughable concept in US politics and law for both genders. Women victims are treated as simpering fuck doll bitches who just changed their mind about a good dicking, and men are treated like sexual beasts that could not possibly be overcome sexually unless they want it. Both of those are wrong, both are fucked up.
    Like I mentioned before the law is so behind that until recently men couldn't even be raped in the eyes of the law, and while various types of activist groups are looking to improve things, comparing the history of rape in the law is just...terrible.

    Statutory on the other hand is an interesting case. It's a different definition (sex with someone under the age of consent), but with teens it leads to an interesting line, pretty much the question of if teens can consent at all.

    I think for statutory, because it's a little more defined you can find more comparison between cases (at least if you look into records properly)

    The sex offender registry is just messed up though. I'm not saying it's not useful, but it should be more formal and consistent. You should not be able to bargain your way off the registry. Perhaps with people unlikely to commit the crimes again have a parole system where they work their way off, but a plea bargain against it shouldn't happen.

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    Honestly this shouldn't even be a hard concept to grasp for anyone that has been observing humanity for any length of time, it isn't even just the US court system. Absurd case conclusions occur over all variables and any attempt to claim more of one or the other is bound to run on more assumption than can be considered trustworthy.

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    Ignoring the usual feminist hate, equality is meant for all genders to be punished equally. There's no reason why this woman gets off with a slap on the wrist and many male teachers have it worse off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ley View Post
    Ignoring the usual feminist hate, equality is meant for all genders to be punished equally. There's no reason why this woman gets off with a slap on the wrist and many male teachers have it worse off.
    Believe it or not, that looks like the way like public opinion is swinging on these matters. The more the hypocrisy and injustice is exposed, the more people will do something about it.



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