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    Quote Originally Posted by Term View Post
    I'm personally not so much of a fan of holding "contests" so much to determine a "winner" who gets to be featured.

    I tend to think what would work better in terms of a spotlight feature would be more in terms of an "Inside the Actor's Studio" thing where we seek out members of the community and ask them a series of questions regarding their work, be it drawing/painting/music/video/literature/sculpting what have you and offer a means for them to share their experiences with art of all kinds such as how they started, how they developed their "voice" and where they want to be.

    I feel like this would be beneficial not just for the user who gets featured but also a way for other members of the community to possibly get some general advice and inspiration that they can take out of it and apply to their own work and personal goals of what they want to do with their talents, as a hobby, career, or something in between.

    In that respect I see this working. And I hope we can do something like this shortly. We just need to talk it over and iron a few things out in regards to how we'd like to approach something like this or if the majority of us even feel it to be a worthwhile endeavor.
    Well hey, I didn't really mean it like that. I was just thinking it'd promote some people on here. :U

    I like your idea better, though... it's kinda like a mini-interview with some artists. That would be pretty inspiring, I'd think. You can see how some artists got to where they are now and beginners could totally look to that as something inspiring... heck, I know I would, hah. |D

    At any rate, I really hope you guys go with it. Either one or maybe even both, if it really works out well in the end. I'm excited to hear the verdict, be it yay or nay. :B

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    Well I'm speaking I think more in terms of what I know what some other sites do in regards to featuring artists. I know some often are done via nominations and the like, others hold contests based on prompts, and yet others still only feature artists who do something for the site by designing banners or something else to that effect.

    Each has their merits and we've previously and continue to try and feature artists who draw fan art of our mascot Wesley in announcements. I just tend to like options that will benefit more than just the one user who gets exposure is all.

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    It would be nice to see things like monthly challenges up for each category and nominated by participants with some other members.

    Contests come off as self serving vs challenges encourage artistic growth.

    Instead of just Editor picks, because it would help facilitate community activity
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    I've personally never been fond of such things, just because it makes some artists seem "more important" than others, on a site where, theoretically, everyone should be equal.
    Same reason I don't like "what's popular" sections.

    I like the fact that we have a "random" section, instead. That gives unnoticed art a chance to be noticed, and avoids all of the issues dealing with favoritism and popularity.
    I've actually found quite a few of my own personal favorites through that section.
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