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    Stolen from dakkadakka:

    I should have known something was fishy when GeeDubs was giving these warscrolls away for free. Rage-inducing as this is, it's entirely moot when you realize there's no army lists anymore. You can just keep slapping plastic on the table until you get bored, so things like rerolls are pointless. Any and all balance and competition is gone. I'm honestly surprised there's not a rule about slapping your opponent in the face with a fish or flushing your plastic miniatures down the toilet.

    Edit: This is also a thing:

    Apparently GW did this just to fuck with the established playerbase. Because it's good to show contempt for your fans and consumers. Honest to Christ I'm surprised they're not hiring people to murder WHFB players in the street at this point. It'd be less insulting if they started packing black dildos in all their fantasy model kits.
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    Someone tell me about tabletop...I've always thought to play Dungeons and Dragons when I first heard the concept in my youth, but clearly there are other brands of RPG such as Pathfinder and Warhammer...I'm too old now not to have tried it once at this point.

    When did you guys first try? Explain to me how such a pastime works...I am intrigued by the max level nerdness that befalls this certain activity :V
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    Warhammer isn't an RPG unless you're talking about the Rogue Trader or Dark Heresy RPG spinoffs. It's a miniature wargame. The difference is, with the exception of some damnable Age of Sigmar rules, you're never expected to act "in character" or even roleplay at all in Warhammer. Also 40k is about $400+ more expensive to get started in than D&D and you're gonna have a miserable time justifying the hobby to yourself if you don't like sitting down with expensive paints and brushes and crafting each and every little soldier into your own personal army. Meanwhile you can get started in Pathfinder or D&D for the cost of a used rulebook and maybe a Reaper Bones miniature for $5.

    Getting started in D&D for me was really fluid. Someone said they wanted to get a group going among my circle of friends, I'd seen it before and it looked cool, so I was like "yeah okay!" I started in 4th edition and almost immediately jumped ship to Pathfinder. D&D 5e is okay, it's definitely better than 4e, but see if you can find a group that uses the 3.5e or Pathfinder rules instead, they're much deeper and more enjoyable. Alternatively if you've never played at all before, look for Pathfinder Society or D&D Encounters games near where you are through the publisher's websites. They're essentially pickup groups every week at a game store, and everyone is helpful in getting going.

    Getting started in Warhammer 40k was like having someone shove their dick in my wallet. First you have to see how the game is played, then you have to buy your own army. The army must come before you actually start playing and thus before you have a firm grasp of the gameplay of each army (they are all very different). You can go off strategies other people use, you can take recommendations, but what the person at the game shop told me to do was just pick the one that looks the coolest because you're going to be staring at it for a long, long time. I personally went with a Dark Eldar army and have no regrets.

    Now that you have your army picked out based entirely on window shopping, it's time to spend some money. First you need models. At least 1 HQ unit and 2 Troops units are need for a standard formation with everything else being optional but highly recommended. A Battleforce, that is, a boxed set of lots of dudes, will usually get you going, and that's what I did. Alternatively if you want to go balls deep right away you can dish out $400 for an ebay army that'll get you to tournament levels of play right off the bat, questionable paint jobs and all. Most HQ units are sold as ludicrously expensive resin models which are about as beginner friendly as playing a classical guitar so I do highly recommend buying an older pewter HQ for whatever army you're getting off ebay. It costs less, it probably looks cooler, and you don't have to worry about it shattering because it got knocked off the table.

    Next you're gonna need paints and modeling gear. No one wants to field an army of little grey plastic men and no one wants to play against a guy who hasn't even bothered lifting a brush. J/K if you're new people don't care they'll be too busy pounding you into space debris. Super glue, plastic glue, and a hobby knife are about all you really need to put together most mans. P3 spray primer is a must for painting too. It's cheap, it's good, and it's sold in almost any hobby store. Citadel paints are expensive but they are really, really high quality. Vallejo also makes good paint but unlike Citadel their stuff isn't broken down into specific functions, so the paint consistency will vary from color to color almost at random. You're also gonna want to watch about 100 hours of videos on how to paint so you have some idea what you're going for, then spend about 100 hours more crying because your little plastic soldiers don't look as awesome as the stuff you see on Dakka Dakka. Eventually though you'll have your army list done, your models will be mostly assembled and probably primed hand half-painted, and you'll be ready to start slinging dice. Then you'll realize that all the work you put in is meaningless because the guy with 3 half-modeled Raiders full of almost-assembled Wraithguard sporting Strength D AP2 flamers will table your entire army in 3 turns. Then you'll run to /tg/ to bitch and beg for people to help you up your cheese game.

    And then you'll be a 40k player.
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    Lizardmen don't give a f**k!



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