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    Hello! (/oops...)

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello (and also fulfill that 140-character post requirement that I apparently totally forgot about), and tell y'all about boring ol' me. You might want to pop a bag of popcorn, because that's literally more entertaining than what you're about to read.

    For starters, I'm younger than the average furry, only 15 years old. I live in The Middle of Nowhere, Missouri, and I can't draw at all.

    Okay, that out of the way, I'm also a freelance programmer, as well as blogger and I spend a lot of my free time talking to furs over something like Skype or Twitter. That is, when I'm not programming.

    I do write a little bit, as my Weasyl profile suggests, but I hardly ever post any of it (except for some old Star Fox fanfics from way back before I was a furry). I like to write, but coming up with ideas is a pain. Also, conforming to other people's writing suggestions can be a pain, and can actually take the fun out of writing, so I just say "nope" and continue writing how I usually do (and for the record, writing the way I do got me a complement from a history teacher... so there's that).

    While on the topic of things I've done in terms of creative stuff (I think this applies?), I was a DJ for FurryFM for all of October and probably half way through November. I left for personal reasons, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind doing it again. I also had a podcast that only ran for a few episodes before I realized that wasn't really my thing, so I stopped doing it.

    I like to try to get involved with already-launched projects in a helpful way, instead of try and make my own project of that type. Something about "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", but more like "if it ain't broke, don't make another one". So on that note, I have looked at joining Weasyl as staff, but I'm quite held back by age at this point. I'm not sure if I'll have the chance to allocate the time to help with Weasyl in the future, but it really doesn't seem like it would be as time consuming as I may think. Of course, I've never actually moderated a forum before, so what do I know about that? :P

    As previously mentioned, I am a programmer, and have been since in and around mid 2010, when I started learning C++. Because I didn't have internet at the time, it was incredibly difficult to progress in C++, and even to this day, it hasn't stuck. I then moved on to Python, since I had it sitting around, and it came with a help file. In one night, I learned how to make a functioning program in Python. From there, I moved forward in my learning, and now I can safely say that I am confident enough to release programs I've made (in fact, I already have done that. Quite recently, actually). Somewhere in there, I stuff HTML and CSS experience, as well as a little bit of JavaScript and Java. Those are relatively unimportant, since they either didn't take off, or I just ran out of time to work on projects in those languages, so I've just forgotten much (if not all) of them.

    On the subject of computers, I'm an avid Linux supporter, and I run Kubuntu 14.04 on my computer. I don't usually knock people for using something else, but when they hate on Linux and then immediately have computer problems, it's hilarious. It really is.

    But I digress. That's me. That's all there is to me. As for my character, I can sum him up in one paragraph:

    He's a silver (about the color of the inner background of the forums, actually) wolf with black-tipped ears, black paws and a black-tipped tail. He's considerably shorter than most wolves, 5' to be exact, but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in arm muscle. Of course, he's not "buff" persay, but he's definitely not flimsy-armed. His personality ranges from happy, bright and possibly very snuggly, to cold, introverted and untrusting. It depends on various conditions. Oh, and he doesn't like foxes or otters (but I do, to a little lesser degree than other animals :3).

    Okay, other than that, that's all there is to both me and my character. Hope to get to know y'all soon. :)

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    Hi there! Welcome to Weasyl!

    Hope you enjoy it here!



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