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    Even though I joined a few months ago, I haven't touched this site for the most part, so I decided to try making a forum for a start. I am a big fanfic writer, as I use it for practice to help with writing my original stories. I thought it'd be a nice thing to try a forum where we post links to our fanfic works we wanna show off, share, or want critiquing. Or, if you have none you wish to share atm, perhaps comment about/link to some fanfics you especially liked or the particular franchises you're interested in regarding fanfics.

    Personally, I like stories regarding Pokemon, Ace Attorney, some Sonic, and Legend of Zelda amongst others. I haven't found any that I particularly like, but I haven't really searched in a while.

    How about you guys?

    Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong category. I couldn't really think of a better place to put it than here.

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    Sometimes I spend WAYYY too much time on that site XD but there's some really talented writers out there! I've read a few Ace Attorney ones (Phoenix+Maya), however none that have really stuck in my head. They were cute to say the least. I don't really write (I've done a couple, nothing major), but I'll link some of my all time favourite ones that have sweet stories to them.

    Gundam Seed - Tangled Fates

    Gundam Seed - The Princess' Sonata

    Evangelion - Orchestrating the Silence

    Final Fantasy 6 - The Ruined Balance

    Persona 3 - My Android can't be this Cute!

    Shingeki no Kyojin - Subtle Unraveling

    Shingeki no Kyojin - Paper Dolls and Coffee Crawls

    The worst thing ever... is when you run into a good fic but it hasn't been updated in a year or longer. RIP Godly ones~

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    Oh god, this drudges up so many things...

    I haven't continued any of the stuff I have up there on FF, for a mix of reasons. Keeping track of all my notes and plots can be a pain, because I had them spread in several folders (physical documents, mind), I'm a little lazy sometimes, sometimes I lose interest in the stories I read, but probably the worst thing is that I lose interest in the source material.

    Case in point: Naruto by Kishimoto Masashi. I used to be very into that series, the comic, games, cartoon, trading cards, spending more money than I can remember. Ultimately, though, it was not worth it, because his writing got so bad that I just up and walked away from his stuff and mine.

    The up side to this, aside from saving a lot of money and selling my Naruto manga volumes, is that I can now write more original fiction.
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