I've been noticing this for a few days, and I assume you guys know about it, but I've been kinda bringing it up on comments in the site since other people are wondering what's going on and I figured I should at least make a thread here just in case.

Once I submit an image, everything on the page is there except the image. No matter what I do it's missing unless I go in and turn off all my adblocker and script blocker things in Chrome.

Same thing, KINDA happens when I open up stuff in new tabs through Weasyl. The first couple tabs seem to open up fine, but anything after that is a forever loading problem where nothing on the page actually completes loading. I think it's been helping to turn off adblocker for that, too, but I am not sure. I've just been avoiding the site till things get better about these issues, so I can't really remember.

OH and another random thing:
I have older submissions with "comic" as one of the tags, and they don't show up when you search for "comic" in the browser. The newer ones I've tagged do, but not the older ones.
Not sure what that's about.

Anyway, sorry if these things have been addressed already, or that I kinda named off a few things in one post but hopefully it's okay to at least peep up about it, just in case.
Thank you!