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    Song pictures needs crit

    Last time I got great comments and critiques (thanks a lot!), now I'm here again.
    Two pictures are in progress, they're going to be the beginning of a series. The theme is "Trift Shop", I'm sure everyone knows this song.

    The first one
    Honestly I'm okay with this, except her arm, perspective is my nemesis. People said the girl is fat, so I thought it's the best to ask others too about it.

    Something is totally off here... The arm will be fixed.

    Every help is appreciated!

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    Hmm I feel on the first one that
    the girl is not fat
    The guys arm should be going less towards the viewer and more to his back (his elbows pointing more to his back)

    on the second one I notice the girls left eye looks slightly off (too wide? almost like its going off her face)
    Hmm not really sure of anything else i can notice atm, but overall it looks good to me. I like the pose and the expressions



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