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    Webkinz LOL

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    I use to be really famous on this pokemon forum called Mt.Moon Community. I was even an admin for the oekaki they had (Smeargle's Canvas) for awhile. Infact I still think I could log in and still have admin abilities.

    Lots of drama came in along with me growing up I ended up drifting away from it. I made alot of good friends there at the time though, sometimes I miss it.

    Old nostalgia days ;;

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    Probably the Minecraft Forums.

    It's the website I've been an active member on the longest (and still on there!) and people actually know me (probably because I'm a moderator).

    As I'm not exactly the oldest person here, I haven't been on the Internet all that long.

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    Nobody said Serebiiforums yet?

    That place was my first Internet forum back in the day. That summer was magical. Everyday at my gramma's I would spend an hour or so on Serebii talking about Pokemon and stuff, over a 26.8 Kbps dialup modem. I remember learning how to sprite and shit. Gooood times.

    Nowadays I just lurk the 4chans.

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    Aqua Bunny was this website dedicated to Nidorinas made by an incredibly talented artist named Kine the Genius. It used to have a really cool oekaki years ago. First oekaki I ever joined!

    If it was still up, you'd be able to see how horrible my art was back then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutsurf View Post
    Dude... I used to lurk there too.

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    I used to roleplay on AOL chat about 10-14 years ago. Back when people actually used AOL. I was a regular. I went back out of curiosity not long ago. No more role playing or taverns really. Pretty barren. That was where I first was really active online... and my parents put on a timed parental control. :/ Only to be glued to and fascinated by facebook and their phones later.
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    I think the first site I felt kinda part of was Neopets and then Gaia Online. I don't go on either much anymore. I don't know if anyone knows of Furcadia or not, but that's probably the first thing that I really felt apart of when it had more people in it. I made a couple of really good friends there over the time, especially one of my oldest friends who has went through multiple of groups with me. Now, I kinda just lurk on sites and don't really bother unless there is a reason to. Though, I really feel apart of some forums a friend started up based on Mass Effect. I met a lot of my good friends through that.

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    Mine was Myspace back when it was cool. I use to do outlandish RPs back then as a mini Mewtwo. I really miss it.

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    The first forums I ever used were the Adult Swim forums, which I became a part of when I was 13.
    I made many gay posts.
    The account is dead, but I keep the profile and posts bookmarked to remind me how far I've come.



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