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    Looking for Long-Term Roleplayers!

    I've had my Onaverse built for years, always adding on, of course!
    It started as a way to input all characters as it deals with different
    dimensions, planes and planets. It is meant for epic level roleplay,
    dealing with combating deities from forest spirits to the Elder Lords,
    eventually even the Void Walkers such as Ona, of whom the Onaverse
    was formed due to its suicide.

    This is where the character Aminentus comes from. There is a lot of
    information about this continuity, so I'll start with the beginning.

    In the beginning there was a massive creature who existed in the void.
    If it had ever known another those memories were long lost as the
    darkness of the void consumed Ona. As time passed, it slowly pulled
    itself apart until there was little left. Its body collapsed and the physical
    pieces became the realms. Its blood bound with the void and created the
    shadows. Its torn spirit became the first Three Lords.
    Strength and rage festered into Ordavux, Lord of Chaos. Intellect and
    paranoia reshaped itself into Yurivoor, Lord of Law. Its will and pain
    blossomed into Vinavem, Lord of Life. These three conflicted immediately,
    pushing away from one another as their origin was unremembered but a
    source of stress--stress that one another's presence antagonized. They
    fled to the corners of the Onaverse, Ordavux to Xaita, Yurivoor to Anen
    and Vinavem to Etorra.
    They sought solitude and resided in these realms for a time before
    Yurivoor tore a piece of her realm away and created a small planetary
    body outside of Anen. This became known as Anamir. Upon seeing this,
    Ordavux and Vinavem copied her actions and created their own Domains.
    Ordavux formed Phemorus and Vinavem formed Liasoor. Each of these
    contained the environments most favored by their respective Lord.

    So this is the location we deal with for my continuity. There are many
    different things that could be pursued with this, and I am working on
    writing a book based in this Onaverse. Still, I would like to do a forums
    Roleplay with other serious roleplayers. More information about the
    continuity can be found here:

    Please comment below with your thoughts and let me know if you would
    be interested! This would be hosted on a personal forum website that
    I've had for a while, used, then the group dissipated. As they tend to
    do. With that in mind, I ask that any who wish to participate be devoted
    to this, as I run roleplays on a turn-by-turn basis, keeping everything
    in order.
    If enough people are interested, [I'm looking for 2-4 players before I
    begin this] I will begin plotting and get everyone set up with the site so
    that character creation can begin. Old characters are allowed, though
    keep in mind that some traits may not be accepted. For example, uber-
    strength, over powered characters, high-level magic characters and other
    OP abilities/knowledge will not fare well. This is an epic level roleplay, so
    special abilities will be earned along the way. Basically, everyone starts at
    "Level One" though there is no leveling system in my roleplays. I can and
    will play numerous NPC's as the story goes on, so there is no need to be
    concerned about NPC characters. Just worry about the one you're playing
    and feel free to message me during the game if you have any ideas or
    questions. SO YEAH. I want a gaming group again TT^TT

    -SFW aside from language and violence. No sexy times on the forum
    -Respect [I shouldn't even have to say this one]
    -NO TXT SPEAK so help me god. BRB and BBL ect are fine, just... ugh
    -I require roleplayers to be grammatically adequate. Please.

    If you are interested, message me!

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    Yes, I would like to play this RP. Just one question, you never mentioned what exactly this RP stars, just about its world and what-not. I would like to know more.



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