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    Honestly, if it was between me and a brick, the brick would be the better bet.

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    This is a loaded question because if you say no you're self-depreciating and if you say yes you're a turbofedora.

    Intelligence is as intelligence does.
    Get a loada this guy here.

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    this is a very fiddly topic, what one sees as intelligent might not be what the other sees.For me its also painful one, so sorry if its a 'tl:dr'

    If I see a nuerogen docter talk shit on Youtube I don't think he's intelligent. If I see a politician chukkle on the BBC about how 'boys age 15 getting raped by woman ? hell no thats awesome they should like it ! Don't you know , men can't get raped !' I think the man is of equal intelligence as the turds in my cats litterbox and I'd question how he can dress himself without needing assistance.

    I used to think I was dumb to the point of a hopeless case. I'm dyslectic, discalculia (can't do math, my brain just freezes) and I can for the life speak French what is a MUST here. But hey lets all ignore I learned myself English, I write in it more now then Dutch. And I have no memory at all, most likely because of ADD, I just can't concentrate on anything long enough to make it stick.
    I don't know how I got this far in art, its not as far as most of my friends but its better then noting. Needless to say I was the 'class top worse student' pretty much any year round.

    Then social media developed, I stopped feeling dumb after a few years while FB exploded, holydamn, sure I had been the worse in my class, but the things people say to each other without thinking, the things they put on there without going 'OH YEEZ MY BOSS MIGHT SEE THIS AND FIRE ME'
    The absolute rubbish so called 'opinions' and boohoo respect my opinion even if I'm a total jerkward to a minority because 'freedom of speech' ,and lets not get into the Gaming community, I know too much,I sometimes want to gouge my eyes out at all the illogical BS that's happening in the industry.

    I just .... wow.
    Not to mention I'v worked a few years in retail.
    All of this made me rethink what I'v been told. And how school has made me feel all my life even after I long left.

    I'v been told lies.
    I'm not dumb. I'm not a genius by far, but if grades where given on actual common sense, I'd have decent to good grades for once and I would have grown up to be more confident in myself. Instead of thinking I was dumb and didn't deserve anything, what pretty much crippled me,and still does till this day on.

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    I never think about it. It's just based on what or who you compare your self to.

    I might be, I might not be.

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    I used to think I was smart, then I got jobs that involved customer service and dealing with people, now I know I'm a genius.

    Seriously though, I would say I'm of above average intelligence, but I certainly don't act it so many people would say I'm not. It really is all what you do with it. I was always the kid that never paid attention in class, didn't study, and just aced the tests to cruise to a B average. Some of my friends said that made me smart, others the opposite.

    On a related note, has anyone ever had the thought "what if I'm extremely stupid, and I'm just surrounded by nice people who don't want to tell me?"

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    I'm considered to be intelligent by most of the people I've met, mainly because I got high grades and junk. I used to think that too until I started college. Oh boy, what a wonderful realization that was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavence View Post
    I'm considered to be intelligent by most of the people I've met, mainly because I got high grades and junk. I used to think that too until I started college. Oh boy, what a wonderful realization that was.
    Yeeaaaahh... I'm smart, but damn there are some geniuses here. @_@

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    Well... In some areas more than others. For example I know nothing about open heart surgery but im good with mechanical interfaces and such. In general, I guess not... A typical grade for me in school was between 70 and 80. I turned out fine though.

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