Hi everyone. I'm Davy, a soon-to-be-28 year old comic book artist from a seaside town in the north of England. I'd heard of Weasyl a while back, and figured it was about time that I make an account as a new community to get involved in and a new place to post my artwork.

I also have stuff on deviantArt, Furaffinity, tumblr, and my own site angelKat Entertainment. The latter includes my webcomic series Fera which is a tale of adventure, LGBT romance, and may contain some cat girl.

If you go to conventions in the UK you've probably seen me behind a table amongst the artists and comic folks, and probably already know that I also occasionally sketch bums for change.

I'm primarily a digital artist these days, although I should probably make use of my software engineering degree at some point, but seriously what use are degrees in software development, physics, engineering mathematics, and artificial intelligence programming anyway?

When I'm not making comics, I'm lettering them for clients, or I'm at a convention... other than that I play an awful lot of video games, I'm a recovering EverQuest addict, my taste in music is questionable, and I really like lasagne, chicken katsu curry, and pretty much anything made of potatoes.