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    Forum Log On

    Do the forums really need a separate log on system from the rest of Weasyl? I can understand having something set up so the first time you need to go through some sort of registration/introduction system but once that is done when you log into Weasyl it would be convenient for users to by logged into the entire site.

    And I know it is on the general request list but I'd like to throw in my two cents toward an index of users so people can find who is on here. Being able to opt out is fine and people should probably not be added until they have actually posted something, but there should be a list. Just saying...

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    Hi Rivercoon,

    The forums and mainsite are two separate entities for the time being, but there are plans for the future to combine them. Unfortunately there's no ETA on this, but it is something we are definitely working on.

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    I presume the joined system would be otherwise transparent to the user aside from not needing to log in the extra time? (ie, both sites would recognize the same cookie & session or something)

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    I couldn't tell you with any veracity, that's outside the realm of my information. I have a vague notion, but all I'm able to give out as an official stance is that this should happen down the line, it's just not at the top of the list at the moment.



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