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    Team Fortress 2 Discussion Thread

    I've noticed that this forum lacks an active TF2 thread, and I didn't want to necro any of the other 2 that exist. I figured that there would be at least a few players here due to the game's popularity.

    Here we can discuss anything related to TF2:
    -classes and weapons
    -maps and game modes
    -PvP and MvM
    -patches, updates, and bugs
    -Mann Store and economy

    I'll start on the topic of weapons by asking a few questions:
    1. Which weapon is your favorite and why?
    2. Which is your least favorite?
    3. Which weapon do you think deserves a buff or a nerf?

    My answers:
    1. My favorite weapon is probably the stock scattergun. It honestly feels like the most balanced weapon in the game and it's fun to use.
    2. I HATE the phlogistinator. The damage reduction and lack of airblast isn't a fair trade for the free crits and health it rewards you for W+M1'ing.
    3. I think the Dalokas Bar for the Heavy needs a buff. The 50+ max health is barely an upgrade from the regular sandvich, and I don't ever see anybody ever using it in the first place. Valve should probably give the user a temporary speed boost or something that would at least seem a bit useful.

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    Fave class is definitely medic. Not that many know how to play it effectively and just stick to the first heavy they see and I get plenty enough compliments of my work
    Shame how people also like to blame the medic alone for the defeat.

    I think my fave weapon is the übersaw. Pickuing up über with every punch is a lot of fun, and with that crit rate it's a handy thing to have in a fight.
    Least fave is either the phlogistinator, or the garbage day rocket launcher or whatever it is. Phlog giving you invulnerability while taunting is so stupid. Remove that, and it'll be a fair gun.
    Machina needs a nerf. I don't like how you can oneshot people while missing the head.

    That said, I don't really play Tf2 anymore. I don't like how's it has become a platform for promo content, rather than a game with a solid art style and combat with balanced weapons like it was in the first place..more or less anyway.

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    I'll add a list of custom game modes. There's a bunch of mods that make TF2 incredible, so you should try a few of them out.

    Jump Maps
    - Usually an obstacle course made for rocket/sticky jumping. There are maps for non soldier/demo classes as well.

    Balloon Race - Both teams are given massive blimp-like vehicles to ride. The goal is to race your blimp across the finish line before the enemy team does.

    Saxton Hale
    - One player is selected as Saxton Hale (or a "freak) and he has to kill the rest of the players. The selected player is given powerful abilities depending on the server and a large amount of health. The other players usually have a few of their weapons upgraded to balance gameplay.

    Fort Wars
    - Both teams start the match separated by a large wall. During the first few minutes, each team has to construct a fort to protect their intel. Once the setup time is finished, the wall disappears and each team has to capture their enemies' intel. Parts used to build the forts can be damaged and players earn money for parts destroyed, players killed, or captures. The money earned from each round can be used to purchase parts for the fort.

    Randomizer - Each player is given a random class with a random set of weapons. Weapons are no longer class-specific, so you can end up with crazy combinations like a scout with a minigun, or a spy with a flamethrower.

    Prop Hunt
    - Hide-and-Seek TF2 style. One of the teams are all scouts with their character models replaced with various props, and they are given a couple of minutes to hide and blend in with the map. When the time is up, the other team (usually all pyros) have to find and kill all of the hidden scouts

    Dodge Ball (Volley Ball) - Both teams are pyros and they must airblast a rocket back and forth. If you miss your airblast, you're killed. Last man standing wins.

    The Hidden
    - One player is a spy who is constantly invisible, and you must kill the other players. While invisible, you are still able to backstab (but you will be shown briefly during a stab).

    TF2ware - WarioWare TF2 style. You must follow the on-screen commands to earn points. Each command is a micro game with a few "boss games" thrown in every once in a while.

    TF20 (x10)
    - Every weapon's stats are multiplied by 10. Craziness ensues.

    Class Wars
    - Each team is given a random class, and each player on that team becomes that class.

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    I sometimes watch my brother play TF2. I don't play video games myself but I do enjoy most of the fan made stuff that goes with it. I do like the source filmmaker movies and such as well. The well defined characters and personalities they have makes some good entertainment.



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