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Took your advice and painted something unrelated to the comic. I tried shading with medium-dark violet, and this ended up as the result: http://stabilizeddarkkyo.deviantart....dise-445517072

- - - Updated - - -

Thanks! I'll do just that! And thanks for linking me an example!
But btw, thatdudeisalady.
Yeah, weird, right? Well, with her long hair (which she literally had about 2 hours before, and cut while on a plane to Johto, thus the weird, messy mohawk style) she looks rather feminine. Just drew her normally, erased her mohawk, and drew on her long hair style. Strange how hair changes a lot visually about a person. Plus, it looks like she's sucking in her cheeks nonstop, which doesn't help her femininity.
Looks good!!

And yea, I thought it was a female in purple, I just didn't want to assume XD