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    I'd consider it, but I'd want to see how it played out first. Till then, Windows 7 Ultimate for my work stations. :X

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    Well, this is certainly news to me! As someone stuck with 3 windows 8 machines, I'm very glad they're bringing this back.

    Ironically I do have a touchscreen windows tablet/laptop (the ruggedized 'emergency umbrella' i mentioned in the unusual use thread), but it only has windows 7 on it, yet the windows 8s are 2 desktops and a normal laptop. >.<

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    The first of the major updates is now out; No Start Menu yet, but running Metro apps on the desktop with minimize and close buttons and pinning them to the taskbar is now a thing. The taskbar is now also visible when running Metro apps or going out to the Start screen, and booting to the desktop instead of the Start screen is now default for devices with a mouse. Also new is a dedicated power button on the Start screen (no more need to use Charms), and a dedicated search button (which is unnecessary but quite useful for those who don't know what to do).



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