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    I find it's effective to start with the second act first

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMysteriousL View Post
    Actually, spring-boarding here.

    How does one start a comic?
    You start it the way you do any story you write?

    Of course, because of the way the script is written (like a film's script, for the artist to understand), there's that, but you draw visuals instead of solely relying upon text. Other than that, I can't imagine that there's a mandatory format to use, since everybody has their own style.

    If you've ever read a comic book, online or off, you should be able to take plenty away from that.
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    I often start my stories with an outline. The way that outline evolves depends on the initial idea behind the story.

    If I am writing with character ideas driving the story I'll start by listing each of my characters, then I'll write anything from a sentence to a short paragraph describing that character. From there I'll begin outlining the story. If it's a world, I'll start describing elements of the world (factions, environments, major locations, etcetera) then go into the outline from there.

    With the outline itself, I'll start with the beginning and end of the story. Writing a brief description of how the story begins, then how it ends. I'll then build the outline out from those two parts, breaking it down to major events taking place between the beginning and end. Then I'll break those events into chapter outlines, each with their own beginning, end and major events.

    The important thing is to get the ideas in you head out of your head and in front of your eyes. In my experience that is where the storytelling process really takes off. Once the idea is out of your head you can start refining it in a meaningful way, start pushing things forward, making progress. As long as it's in your head, it's just an idea and you're not doing anything with it. As much as you think you are, it's just festering there. You can have an idea for a story in your head for years, that doesn't mean you're writing a story.

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    As for "writing a comic" I do all of the above then take that outline and turn it either into a script or I'll do it "the Marvel way" and thumbnail out my pages based on the outline I wrote, the nfigure out the dialogue once the art is done. The former probably results in better writing, but I find the latter helps me move at a faster pace. A much faster pace.

    And it's called "the Marvel way" because it's how Marvel comics did it for years.

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    I start stories by writing them down on the very first thing that's on hand, because I tend to get ideas when I'm sitting in some sort of vehicle, or when I'm eating lunch outside, or (and this happened only once) in bed with my SO. Either way, I carry a notepad, some pens, a marker, and a pencil with me at all times, so I can at least start something that may become something else later on. Most of it ends up in my GDocs 'Writing' folder, a wasteland of ideas that went there to die.

    As for the first lines, I always begin with a quote, a piece of dialogue, a poem, something that isn't mine or isn't spoken by the narrator. I think of it as an icebreaker of sorts. It helps me establish a flow of thought/action that would otherwise be difficult to kick-start.

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    I like to start 'in medias res.' That way I can hook the reader with some action or drama before taking a step back to exposit what's happening.

    I do that probably too much. I try not to dwell on the first sentences and paragraphs because if I do I end up like you, just kind of stagnating over it. I just kind of psych myself up and write what comes to mind to get myself started.
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