Yo wudup

As you might have read I am looking for female characters to rp with. You dont need to be a girl yourself, as long as your character is female. The reason why I want female characters is I am interested in doing certain scenarios that only a female character can pull off.

I have been wanting to do serious rp for a while to help flesh out my characters more. I really wants them to be better and grow more by rping.
I would be willing to do most rps. I am looking for some nsfw stuff but that dosent mean I wont do sfw stuff. What I am looking for exactly is:



School settings

Fantasy World (Magic,Wizards ect)

Horror settings

Apocalypse settings

Wilderness Survival

Thou these are my preferred settings I will be willing to do most anything. Im pretty open

Most if not all my characters are female. Right now I only have 2 characters rp ready and I think I might edit one of them when I get time. Both of them are anthro but I have some monster girls Im cooking up for the near future. To view my current character roster visit my art page.

Im looking for people with similar interests to mine and someone to be buddies with. Please keep in mind I havent been rping for long so If I fumble please be respectful.

If your interested feel free to send me a pm. I look foward to hearing from some of you