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    Looking for an adult piece

    Hi there,

    I'm looking for an artist to do an adult commission for me. My budget is in the region of $75-100 USD. One of the characters in the piece will be an insect, so I'd like you to be confident in your ability to draw an anthro insect if you do this commission. The other character will be a scalie.

    Ref sheet here:
    Bust pic here:
    Previous smut commission here:

    Just to give you an idea of the kind of thing I might be looking for.

    If you're interested in doing it, please give me a realistic estimate of how long it'd take you to do as well.


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    I would be interested, I have drawn some scalies (mostly dragons).
    I have not drawn an anthro insect before, but I have drawn insects for art projects.

    Time frame from thumbnails to completed piece is about a month.


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    I would be interested but I would like to know what kind of adult picture it is you are interested as there are some I might not be comfortable drawing. Also If I know what it is and how much detail is required (detailed characters and bg etc) I can give you an accurate quote with a time estimate.

    My gallery is here

    And my price list is here

    If you are interested in getting a accurate price estimate please contact me here on weasyl or by email

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    Hi Xolani,

    I'm enjoy drawing insects and would be happy to do work for you! I keep my adult work on a separate pseudonym, but I can link you that in PM or email if desired. Examples of my regular work can be found here, though.

    Thank you for your consideration!

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    Hi there, I have yet to do an insect piece, but I would love the opportunity for it, my sketches for the initail start should take me about two weeks to get too, the only thing that slows me down from working is my school work at the moment, below I have listed my price list and my gallery if you are interested. message me here or on either site if your interested!



    thank you for checking it out!

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    HI, I CAN YOUR CHARACTER, check my fa gallery i can do a high quality piece, it will be done in a week (this weekend to be more exact)maybe 2(in the worst case, i can steram when il work on it , contact me if youre interested, thx!

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    if you're still considering people for this commission, i'd also be interested in doing a piece for you!

    my prices are listed here as well as what i offer. insects and scalies are a-ok with me!
    there are a few more examples in my gallery.
    i would estimate a week at most is how long it'd take me - most likely less.

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    Hi there!

    I can definitely do your commission for you

    It's been a while since I've done insects, but one of my characters I've been developing on paper is an anthropomorphic dung beetle, styled after the Egyptian god Khepri.

    As for turn around time, I'd say five days tops, depending on size of image, and any special details that may need to be added to the image, like what sort of background, any special markings or unusual features your scaly char might have, etc.

    You can view my work at

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration


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    Hi!i would do like to do your request! here some example of my art.
    Main Gallery-Devianart:
    NSFW- furaffinity:
    I'm just a girl who want became a famous artist, but don't try to mess up with me, I'm Italian and I'm a warrior.

    The great suitor:
    Main Gallery-Devianart:
    various gallery- weasyl:
    NSFW- furaffinity:

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    dudes the thread's like a million years old



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