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    The only ones that are relatively drama free are Caedon and Sapherna.
    Trisphee I don't know about.

    Ernya is down for good. Too much drama with staff. Not only with favoritism, but also a huge lack of authority and strict rules to disliked users.

    Syndrone is up, but they are currently looking for someone to buy it from them.
    Wonder why.... (Too many crashes and burns)

    Solia is borrrriiinnnggggggggggg.

    Gaia is money hungry.

    Meneshwa I don't go to.

    EoS is down it looks like.

    Zatarini looks like a Gaia-rip off.

    Roliana is meh. just meh.

    The 2 upcoming ones look interesting, but honestly it will be eons before its release.

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    Ive been on Mosha Online, maybe you should check it up. Its way too different from what it has been mentioned.



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