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    Digital Inking-How do you do it?

    So, I've been playing with different ways to ink in photoshop and Illustrator and I wanted to know how you do it.

    Illustrator- Pressure sensitive brush? Plain lines? Pen tool shapes?

    Photoshop- Pen tool lines? Draw by hand?

    If anyone knows how to do the nice graphic lines in illustrator (that's fast) i would love to know. But tell me how you do it, I want to experiment more!


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    I know a lot of people will use Easy Paint tool Sai for its stabilizer or even Manga studio.

    I use painter, and talked about the different brushes I use in it

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    Just practicing it is how you do it. And if you're not, you should definitely be using a pressure-sensitive pen...
    Also - I'm not sure any sort of drawing is really "fast". Of course, it would become quicker with experience, as do all things.

    Trying with real ink pens/fine-liners on paper could probably help out too.

    Personally, I totally dislike both doing inks, and actually how it looks. So I just use my sketch lines, which works out alright since I try to keep my sketches clean looking.

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    I use a sharp, small black brush in Sai.
    Stabilizer is usually pretty low, although sometimes I'll set it higher it when I need larger swooping strokes.
    I tend to use more of a small, scratching motion to my brushstrokes, overall. I know you're not really supposed to do that, but it offers better stability (which is something that I fail miserably at, because my hands start shaking).
    I also have different layers for different inking sections, like hair and sometimes details, because it makes it easier to erase overlapping parts without screwing up the whole thing.

    I hate inking in Photoshop, and I've never used Illustrator, so I can't offer any input on those. Sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hewge View Post
    Trying with real ink pens/fine-liners on paper could probably help out too.
    Absolutely. Few things teach you better control than traditional inking.

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    I agree, I've been doing traditional inking for years, but my digital skills suck. And, to be honest, I can't afford the traditional materials, but I do have a super cheap subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud for school, so I'm using those and my ancient Intuos 3. I want to do more t-shirt designs and more commission work on here, but I can't seem to find a good way to ink.

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    I just draw them without thinking too hard about it. The more I think about it the worse my lines become, and they're already pretty mediocre. If it's at an awkward line that I normally couldn't draw without moving my paper in real media I'll rotate my canvas.

    I used to use the ink(?) tool when I used GIMP and Inkscape sometimes, I didn't enjoy it very much though, and migrating to photoshop was the end of me using it at all cause I don't really know how to use photoshops version of that tool, and I don't think it's worth my energy to fight with it constantly cause it won't let me have full control of my lines.

    I'd really like to figure out how to do inks in real media some day, when I have the space and the money for it, I really don't enjoy doing line work digitally most of the time, especially now that I'm down to just my super slippery default tablet nibs.

    That's actually something you could consider, see if you can get a couple of different nibs to try out. I got lucky and wacom gave me a bunch of free ones (I can't remember why, other than that it was a "we're sorry, have some free stuff" sort of deal). I was much more comfortable using their springy nibs, or their felt tip ones and that made it a little easier to get satisfactory drawings. Comfort makes a big different in many things after all.
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    I'v kinda jumped from one inkt style to another then all pretty much revolve around practice and repetition, with exception of PS, its pretty much all alike.
    Don't count on speed, speed is made by repetition. Use rotate and CTRL-Z ,they are your best friends in digital inkts instead of pushing against your 'hand' so to speak.

    Photoshop ,personally I find it the worse program around for digital inkt, the only way I could make it work was by purchasing Kyle's brush pack. I'v made my own but they never where as crisp as his comic brushes. PS is also the least forgiving one, the only way my strokes work is because of years of practice I'v gotten a pretty steady hand. So if you're dead set bend on using PS I would suggest checking out non default brushes. The line tools are horrid in PS I stay away from those.

    Paint tool Sai
    I'v seen a lot of people praise it for its stabilizer. I'v used it for a few years only to leave it because of multiple reasons, one of them was it hating my intuos, other because having squeecky clean linework is oddly addictive and in my case it was hurting my work.
    Sai uses vector for easy corrections. Pretty dang neat.

    I don't know if you have used Illustrator ?There is no fast in illustrator, rofl. Yeah its clean, but holydarn what a drag to 'sculpt' your lines the way you want them. (srs in that time I had inked it 3 times in OC/SAI :I ,sure it wasn't perfect but it has humanity )

    Clip paint pro (aka Manga studio 5)
    I'm currently using this and I'm pleasantly surprised, its like Opencanvas and Sai crammed together with a fluff of PS . It has a broad set of tools that you can manipulate pretty deep. I can't really tell anything I haven't told, because .. its SAI and OC with a fluff of PS, PS being the layer options ,text and manipulation tools that SAI missed and not the brushes. I do suggest trying the trail to the end if interested, its a hard program to get the hang off but once I did ho man I'm flying. This thing is defently more powerful them my copy of OC4.

    ANOTHER THING, and this is entirely up to you whether you want to believe me or not. IMO depending on the work you do, or want, you can lose humanity in your work because of modern day tools making it 'too perfect' ,I have works that I find void of life because of all these vector and stabilizing thingies, I'm not sure of other people see the things I see in my work but I found it a bother. I only use them once in a while now.

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    I do my digital line art much like I do traditional. Free hand with the brush or pencil tool depending on what I need. I have the settings set to 100% opacity with shape dynamics on.
    Its as simple as that, if I have to I can move/rotate the canvas.
    I dont really use the other method in the program I just dont enjoy it as much

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    Okay so I've used a variety of different programs over the years for this kind of stuff. Also, from experience I find that using small tablets makes it harder to have crisp line art, and it also involves practice.

    Paint Shop Pro: Basically like Photoshop, except not really. Pretty much just as hard to ink in as Photoshop.

    Photoshop: If you can find the right brushes, inking does get significantly easier, but not really. Making smooth line art is a huge hassle.

    Paint Tool SAI: Hell freaking yeah motherfucker, 10/10, highly recommend.

    Fire Alpaca: A SAI mock up, didn't use it much, but not really half bad at all to be honest. Has a stabilizer and everything.

    Adobe Flash: Okay so I've never done it personally, but I've known people who for some reason, swear by it to do their lines in Flash.

    Opencanvas: Not really all that difficult to ink in it either, somehow.

    That's about all the input I have, and it's not very helpful. >_>



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