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    Most of my friends share my interest. The others just see it as another hobby I have.
    It's not that much of a big deal neither for me nor my friends so they don't 'react' that much to it at all. Might also be because my 'furry-ness' is rather limited and mostly sticks to an interest in the artwork and having a special liking for wolves. Even my co-workers and some of clients know I draw and that I like wolves and anthropomorphic characters - they are totally cool with that.

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    My school friend doesnt even know what a furry is.
    But he dont cares about that.
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    Well, to be honest, usually I don't really bring it up very often, partially due to the bad reputation that (sadly) some furries may havel but that isn't my biggest factor.. I usually don't really mention it because I have come to realize how utterly annoying it is when people approach me and immediately feel the urge to shove their beliefs and personal thoughts or views down my throat, especially when not necessary, which is why I only bring such stuff up at moments I feel are strategically good, and when it flows well in a conversation.

    Most reactions I have gotten is either people not really knowing what a furry is (as other people in this thread seem to have experienced too), general confusion, a brief moment of surprise that is then followed of just a general shrug and then we just go on with our day, and utter acceptance, from for example my nonfurry boyfriend (who is also an otherkin by the way) that seems to actually appreciate that quality about me.. and encourages it, but not in a forceful way. He even agreed that we could combine our money together sometime and buy me a fursuit, yay!

    Only more or less "bad" reaction I have gotten is when a playful jab at insinuating I am a furry, as a test for my mother, she kinda got confused and then more or less just said to me "You.. you won't be some freak that dresses weird in the street, will you..?", but I managed to calm the situation down and assure her of this, and I am more or less ok with it since she is not exactly young and does not understand all this, and since she is also a Jehovah's Witness (Don't worry, I am not criticizing religious people, just that this has led to her in general being a bit biased in some ways). So yeah.. things are pretty ok, I would say.

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    well mine either laugh, get a stupid smirk on their face, or just dont know what a furry is.
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    Eh, my interests are kind of all over. For the most part though my friends and family understand that I love drawing creatures and monsters soooo I just leave it at that. I'm not actually sure if I would define myself as "fur" based. I'm kind of just "all over the place" based. XD

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    The same reaction I would have had if they were on the opposing side.


    And cut all ties.

    Feel good everytime.

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    Not many of my friends know about my furry art, mostly because I don't show many of them my art in general. .w.,
    Out of those who do know, two of them were the first to tell me that they were furries, and that's why I felt alright with showing them my art.

    I think a couple of my other non-furry friends have seen my anthro stuff. Mostly they just think my art's nice. One of them did ask about the "weird" side, but I just explained that a lot of furries just like the art in general, not necessarily the "adult" stuff.

    So in general, most who do know are okay with it. The one guy who did react seems alright with it now, too.

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    most of my friends are furry trash so i dont get crazy reactions

    besides that literally everyone i know knows im a furry
    my gf says she doesnt understand how ppl like furries or how ppl like the nsfw stuff but never anything rude

    i did however know someone a while back who decided me being a furry was bad and he couldnt write for me anymore after probably an entire yr knowing i am one
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    I brought up a little of my furry interests here and there with friends to see what they knew about it. The few that know just have barely touched on it through the internet and assume that it's a freaky fetish part of the world wide web, but at the same time they are not terrified of me liking the art and the subculture itself. I even mentioned more recently that I've been to furcons in Dallas and there was no real comment about it other than "Oh you did?" And just kind of nods of recognition. Many of them go to Anime or Comic cons so it's not much of a difference.

    My close family have always known me to draw "animal-people" and I have way before I knew that "furry" was a subculture group. I was influenced a lot by fantasy and mythology. I've still been nervous to mention things directly furry-related to some family because I know they wouldn't really understand it at all. So it's not something I bother to inform them on. But I still show them my clean anthropomorphic art at times.

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    I don't talk about furries much IRL, as most people don't seem to know or really care what a furry is. A few of my friends know about my love for animal people, and one knows that I like the pr0nz (I joked about shark dicks once.) My dad knows I like anthro animals, but I doubt he knows what the term furry means, or that there is a whole subculture devoted to such. I avoid using furry terms to avoid confusion.



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