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    Greetings, weasylites!


    Who am I?

    I am Reynard Malone! I'm a twenty-something writer, book addict, gamer, and all-around DORKASAURUS that has far too much assorted pop culture trivia stored away in his memory banks.

    Seriously. I have A LOT of pop culture trivia rattling around in my head space. Doctor Who continuity, comics, the chronology of the Mega Man series of video games, The Entirety of the Scooby Doo Mythos, and so much more! You'd be hard-pressed to stump me in certain fields!


    I have traveled a great distance in search of like-minded people that I can mix and mingle with, and I am confident that this is one such place! I look forward to conversing with you fine people. That is...if YOU, dear Weasylites, will have me.

    That said, I look forward to the future!

    Here's to all of us! :D YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY.
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    Welcome! You had me at Mega Man.
    *cough* Well, specifically the original series and X-X3. Beyond that got a little weird for my tastes. But that's just me.

    If you wanna mix n' mingle and make like-minded friends, dude, you're in the right place. :3 Friendliest out there. Most of the time.
    I'm no ambassador of Weasyl or anything, but I caught your post an am formally welcoming you anyway!
    Psst! Hey! High-five! _o/\o_ Write some stories and draw some pictures and dudes will LOVE it! High-ten! o/X\o
    Broseph, can I get a handSHAKE?


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    Lol heavecleaver, your intro post replies are the best. Aaanyway, welcome to Weasyl, Reynard Malone. I'm a huge Mega Man fan, and the series overall has inspired me to start most of the creative pursuits that I indulge in (music, sketching, and even writing). I'm mostly into the handhelds, but I've played through most of what's out there. Are you excited for Inafune's new projects outside of Capcom?

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    Aw. I certainly feel welcome here! ^_^

    And I'm glad you asked, Rory! I'm very much looking forward to Mighty No. 9! :3



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