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    Chrome is a great browser for anyone who enjoys efficiency with resources.

    Firefox is still the best browser for addons though, but I can't use it anymore because of what a resource hog it is.
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    I don't really use apps on my iTouch but the one I do have is Text+. It's useful for contacting my roommate and if people want to text me since I don't have a phone, and it even gives you a phone number for it. It's handy.

    As for programs:


    Artrage 3 Studio Pro: Lighter than Corel Painter and a lot easier to use, imo.
    Photoshop CS5: Decent, thought bulky. If I could do things with Elements that I could do with CS5 I'd definitely use it instead. Mostly use for scanning or making layouts since it works better than most other things I've seen.
    Paint Tool SAI: My most favorite art program. Lightweight, portable, easy to use, easy to find. Can even use .psd files.


    Trillian 5.0: Lightweight, multi-messenger with IRC support. Can have all sorts of IM services from AIM to Facebook. I use AIM, MSN, YIM, and IRC on it.
    Skype: The updates have been meh but I still like the program.


    D-Fend Reloaded: I use this a lot for any kind of DOS game I want to play for that lovely nostalgia feel. Has its own DOSbox and easy to set up and configure, just drop and run and you're set. You can even set special parameters for each game.
    Steam: Well duh.
    Visualboy Advance: I've never actually had any issues with VBA, and it runs how I want it to run while not being confusing as hell.


    Keepass Password Safe: Lovely little thing that does just that. Keeps all of your passwords in a single file that even needs a password to open. Keeps everything nice and organized and super easy to fill fields with an autotype function.
    Avast!: Free, runs well, also have realtime scanning and monitoring. Doesn't randomly 404 my pages like AVG did.
    Spybot: Runs great with any kind of supporting antivirus. Finds some really nasty shit.
    Comodo Firewall: Easy to use and not as spastic as ZoneAlarm was.
    Malwarebytes: When I REALLY need to clean my computer and get rid of any nasty bug in it. If Avast can't find it, Malwarebytes will.


    SRWare Iron: Chromium-based open-source browser. If you like Chrome but want more privacy, this is exactly what you should get. My favorite browser so far.
    Chrome: Runs fast, isn't a resource-hog, and fairly reliable. I don't like having my shit sent to Google, though, hence why I use Iron.
    Firefox: CUSTOMIZE ALL THE THINGS. Nice for customization but hot damn it really hogs resources. If you can limit the number of crap it runs you can usually run FF fine.
    Opera: My second-favorite browser. Updates very often and one of the first browsers to update that I've noticed. Only real downside is that not everything is made to display on something that isn't IE, Firefox, or Chrome, but those are getting more and more scarce.

    God damn that's a long list. I'm sure I'll add more later.
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    Favorite Apps (since my PC's mobo needs a fixing :u )

    -Photoshop CS5 (and flash when I care to use it)
    -Safari, since you can't live without a browser right?
    -DinoRun SE
    -Corel Painter Sketch Pad
    -Microsoft Word Mac 2010
    -Pages (haven't used it much but I'm diggin' the format.)

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    My most favoured one is, FreeMind...such a lovely free program.

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    Paint tool sai
    sony vegas (couldn't live without)
    youtube downloader hd ( I love this program, i can download any youtube video. It's so convient and nice for when your bored somewhere with your laptop and have nothing better to do than watch videos x3 )
    easy gif animator.


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    Love using imo messenger and pulse news when on the phone. On pc i'm daily using Firefox, Thunderbird, iTunes, Steam,and Sai Paint.



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