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    This entire topic is basically a showcase for Ashley to let us know yet again that he enjoys using a tower PC as a console then? I should make a topic where I plug a 360 into a DVI monitor.
    Most monitors have HDMI these days. o.o

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    I have two HTPCs, because I got two systems for free lately (fixing peoples computers and tech and people pay me with more tech!)
    I have a little Acer Revo which is so odd as it's single core intel atom with 80gb (320 now, 80 was broken,) yet hdmi out. So odd because Ubuntu and Windows have hard time with 720p letalone 1080p. Which bring me to a newer matx PC I just gained. They both run XBMC I'm happy.

    Oh and Rune, I've been fiddling with hackintoshes for 4 or 5 years now. Haven't had a kernel panic in ages
    (I did build my main system hardware to be all mac compatible, for odd bit of logic mixing work.)
    Dual booting annoys my keyboard shortcut memory though, always forget which OS I'm on, but I have mountain lion running smoother and quicker than my lady's macbook c:

    I wanted a cheap laptop or netbook for live recordings (lug around a mic and interface mind.) but I have no funds for such luxuries. :c


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    My current laptop makes a really good paperweight.

    ...does that count?



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