I like to know if anyone is interested in any kind of RP. But I prefer to rp over skype(also other chat services would do as long they don't have bad things written in the contracts you must sign to use it), because over here we only can do the PG13 (wait really? 13? Gueß I have to keep it USK12, no idea if that is even anyhow the same?).

And no I am not up for sexual rps. I just like to have someone or several people, to explore worlds of our fantasies or to just sit and think about funny stuff. We don't need to rp but it would be nice. I just have the few good rpers (which don't just go with sex!) that I want to expand. Means the requirement is a big fantasy and not just letting me make all the stuff up alone. You can play as your own OC, or as a random character you create (Which actually is an OC too, well it is original and it is a character.^^)

What I won't do is, um? Well if it goes to perverted. I most defiantly won't do piss or scat or how all those fantastic term are. Except it could count as a kids joke that still would surrender under USK12.^^
But we can play war and that would be USK18.

I have no problems with Overpowered Characters as long as there are limits or if it suits the situation. For example my most own OC my Fursona we Furries call is totally overpowered, but you will never know because it doesn't matter and he never use it. And if he uses it, well uhm it won't change the things to much.^^ But I always love to use random created characters, to explore Personalities with different thought structures, which totally help to evolve from silly dumb and one dimensional characters to a bunch of cray 3 dimensional characters.

Anyone Interested? Having questions? Anything? Just Post a Comment down there are ad me in Skype.