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    10 points about using black in your paintings

    While this article relates a lot to traditional painting, there are valuable lessons in here about the correct usage of 'black' which I feel is doubly important when new artists use the digital equivalent of black, which is a dead color and can really hurt your artwork

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    I remember the whole 'don't ever use black!' teachings in my color theory class. I got tired of trying to use blues, especially when there was no real instruction in how to use it properly. Eventually I figured it out on my own. I did later on use black, and my illustration teacher taught me how to mix it with reds to give it more 'depth'.

    Very good article though I love that blog so much.

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    I remember Manchess talking about this already in his video which people think "don't use black" is the same as "avoid using black" at least so you understand not to reach for it first.

    Other weird philosophies is that people think adding a Complementary color will help with shadows, but what they're doing is creating a neutral which isn't the same. You're creating a grey and sometimes those combinations can look unpleasant if that's not the effect you're going for. Greying is not creating shadows, so much as its more of toning down colors.

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    I like this article, it helps to explain when and where to use black, and why it's something we are warned off of as beginners, it'll definitely help me a bit more when I'm thinking about shading. (I've been on a decade+ long trip of trying to learn how to color, I've still got a long way to go though, I don't seem to learn too good without doing and doing and doing, and making every mistake I can possibly make).

    Thanks for the article, it helps solidify a few things in my head and gives me a bit more direction.
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