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    Crux, looking for someone who can draw those

    I am looking for an artist who can draw crux properly. The artist should have a drawing style like on the refsheet I will link here.The picture will have adult content. One character only though, single pose. I only need a simple background. The picture will also contain some silly things, but thats why I want it drawn!
    I am willed to pay up to 60$

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    if you want to check out my gallery and see what you think you can, here is my price sheet,, I've never drawn a crux before and it seems interesting and something fun to do!

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    awsome looking character! i would definately be interested in helping you out. please take a look at my price list and gallary here :3

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    I'd be interested, depending on what kind of adult situation (I'd liek to know its something I am comfortable drawing first), how many silly things you want added and what kind of Bg I would charge around $50 Canadian.
    I can do it with the clean line-work and the type of shading that you have in your ref sheet.

    My gallery can be found here:
    Price list:

    If your interested you can contact me here on weasyl or by Email

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    Thanks for the offers, found an artist to help me out!

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