Hey everyone, call me Ayla or BlackStatic. I'm an Australian expat trying to move to New Zealand and continue with further adventures around the planet.

I'm a media student and electronic musician, focused in sound production and film. I also write science-fantasy and dabble in art from time to time.

My fursona is a fat, bipedal, anthropomorphic winged caracal with electromagnetic powers. She is a representation of me, as I truly see myself, including visual and personality traits that I have personified into her design and appearance.

A bit more about me? I'm the host of a Multiple System including at least 16 members. I also practice casual Tulpamancy. I consider myself an Anarchist and Psychonaut with Pantheistic beliefs. I love discussing philosophy and take a great interest in Terence McKenna, Alan Watts and the like.

I will likely be using this forum for deep discussions of various topics including creative arts, travel and culture, science and technology, philosophy, lucid dreaming and urban exploration. I may do some casual roleplay on the side.

Glad to be here, hoping to really embed myself in the Weasyl community~