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    When I said coloring job I like your color job, but they're right the shading is a toughie! So I dug around and found good tuts for you since you like doing fur busts: another by the amazing Fyuvix


    Everyone else just summed it up, though I still say play with the lineart until you're happy with it!

    As others said, to prevent white spots use different colored backgrounds on a different layer. Also since you use SAI (awesome program, I love it myself) check out the pen tool as well, since that helps me with cleaner lines and no overlaps. Also if you color in photoshop, I wouldn't use the dodge/burn tool unless I'm obviously rushing something; just shade on another layer and check colors carefully on the palette. What I do, I find pictures of clothing or animals and check to see what the shaded color looks like. This is hit or miss and I'm positive it's the wrong way to do it, but it helps me.
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