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    HI and stuff c:

    Hiii everyone
    I'm Panda, aka Panda the Platypus if you know me from elsewhere on teh interwebs
    I've been following Weasyl for a while...on tumblr, and finally decided I should join here, hehe. This site looks like it will SERIOUSLY be amazing <3

    If you'd like to know a little about me:
    I'm 18 and live in Michigan
    I love to draw and am in college studying graphic design
    I also LOVE crafts and sewing (and cosplaying falls naturally into that, though I don't get to go to nearly enough cons :c )
    Oh, and I am too obsessed with Pokemon
    I'm really friendly and love to just listen, so if you're ever in need of someone, I'm here <3
    Oh and I overuse hearts, I'm sorry orz

    So yeah I'm really excited to be here!

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    I love your name, you are amazing now. Welcome.

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    Woah, we have a lot in common. Animal username, live in Michigan, love drawing, going to college for graphic design, totally obsessed with Pokemon. 'Cept I'm two years older than you.

    Welcome to Weasyl! Hope you have a great time!



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