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    Looking to commission an Icon!

    Looking to commission a 300 pixel by 300 pixel icon headshot of a wolf character of mine. Simple background.

    Might get more than one depending on price. Seeking only digital art with clean lines. Shading is NOT necessary.

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    Junior SymphonicOtter's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Hi there! I'd like to help you out!

    Here's a link to my gallery:
    While I don't have examples of icons, I'm hoping what I have is enough to give you an idea of what I offer.

    I could do an icon with a background for $10.
    If you're interested, please feel free to note me on my account!
    Thanks for your time!

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    I too could do an icon for you ^^
    my FA is :
    The price would be 10$ and i accept paypal
    PM me if you wish :3 !

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    Hi there, I do icons like this for $20 Canadian (flat rate)
    Shaded or unshaded with a simple BG is not a problem
    I have some very clean linework
    Examples of my work can be found here

    feel free to contact me here on Weasyl or by E-mail

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    I've got my commission info here! People typically like to use my painted headshots for icons and that's fine and dandy, but if you want another style of headshot let me know! We can work something out.
    Weasyl | DeviantART | Tumblr
    Always open for commission!

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    Modesto, CA
    I do flat color headshot icons (shoulders up) for $5 each and I can definitely do 300x300 size. If you would like it to be celshaded its $10. I am still working on moving a lot of my stuff over to Weasyl so if you like, please view more examples of what I do at my FA gallery.

    Thanks for your consideration and have a good one!
    Fighting gravity is a losing battle...

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    I do icons for 5$ for one and 8$ for two!
    Here's an example and another

    Here's my price sheet if you'd like it! Feel free to note me to ask any questions!

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    I'm interested if you're still looking!
    Here's my commission page with info:

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    Hello I'm interested. Here are some examples of my work :3

    I charge 15$ per icon, Pm if interested

    Ps. I can also work on animated icons ^^



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