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    Looking for other Rpers, believe it~

    I unfortunately couldn't resist using that title, so apologies, haha.

    Anyway, I'm an RPer with 6 years of experience, though I typically play canon characters from various series. I have several OCs I can draw upon though, including pokemon gijinka, and others. I RP quite a lot on Tumblr, and through Skype and a few other messengers, so true forum RP is new for me. I've also done a fair bit of tabletop RP.

    I'll ipdate this thread again once I have some of my OCs up for people to see.

    I have a few ground rules on what I won't do, but hopefully nothing too harsh:
    • Mature sexually themed RPs (unless the characters build to such a relationship of course)
    • Most fetishes
    • Mary Sue characters
    • Powerplaying or godmodding (I will call you out on this)

    I willing and happy to do any of the following:
    • RPing with canon characters
    • RPing with OCs
    • Violent RPs
    • Random RPs
    • Plotted RPs (my preference)
    • Shipping (again, if the characters build to it)

    Honestly, if you aren't sure about it, send me a PM, or ask and I'll let you know if I'm okay with it or not.

    A forewarning; I'm a full time college student so my schedule is fairly limited. I try to be active though!

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    I've been looking for an RPer for a while. Would you like to RP with me?



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