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    [Bug] Unable to hide shouts on my page

    So I got a spam shout on my page I want to hide. When I hit "Hide" next to the shout, I get the confirmation pop-up "Hide this comment and any replies". I hit OK and nothing happens. I can still see the shout. Is that normal? Is it hidden for other people then? Can it not be permanently deleted?

    EDIT: I tried checking the page without logging in and, no, the shout is there for guests as well.
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    I'm able to hide the same comment both as my own user and as your user. what browser are you using?

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    Windows 7 IE 11 - totally bare-bones stock.

    EDIT: whoops - saw that you COULD hide the message.

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    the javascript used for comment hiding is a bit janky. it might not be IE11-compatible. could you try posting a shout and hiding it from another browser, just to confirm?

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    Sure thing. I have Firefox loaded on my Linux machine. I'll give it a try and post back.

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    Yep - Firefox on Linux worked fine. I redirected to the shout "sub-page" and the test shout was gone. So... yeah, must be an IE 11 thing.



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