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    Looking for commission!

    Hi! I'm looking for a commission. It involves two human characters, drawn realistically. I'm looking for something really nice. My budget is $150 so feel free to hit me up with whatever you think is your best shot! Also, if you want to suggest artists, that's fine too. I want to be able to print the image so I need a digital copy. Thanks! I would like it done by my birthday, March 23, so if you can do something within about a week that would be great too. I expect to choose someone by March 15th, to give time for payment to clear and allow the work to be completed. Thanks!

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    Hmmmmm Im not sure if my art fits the bill, but no harm in sharing at any rate. Theres a human or two scattered in my Weasyl Gallery and some on my Tumblr.

    I have some friends who may or may not be open though! These are the ones that draw more realistically, so they may be potential artists. They're not on Weasyl that im aware of though so you'd have to contact them externally. Sorry if this list isnt terrible helpful but thought id signal boost my friends at any rate haha.

    Silvac - He opens commissions often, hes had internet problems lately, though.
    Harseik - Not sure if shes open but shes friendly so may not hurt to ask!
    Mernolan- dA, Tumblr- She might not actually be open until the summer, shes working on a thesis film.
    Adelein - I think she's closed, but you can talk about waitlisting.
    Weasyl | DeviantART | Tumblr
    Always open for commission!

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    I haven't dealt in the full-realistic area for humans in a bit and I wouldn't mind giving it a try as I feel like I'm getting closer to that form. I have all my examples on my deviantArt account.

    Here is an example of my more recent human drawings and I'd be happy to send you some more sketches or examples if needed.

    As goes for pricing, I can do a two character soft shading for $30 and a painterly for $40- background not included. I'm new to the forums on this site, but send a message however if interested and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Good luck and thanks.

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    I would be interested in creating your commission. I have experience with drawing the human form. Here are some samples. I also have some studies from my Life Drawing classes if you're interested.

    For a bust of two figures I would charge you $75. for full figure I would charge you $125

    A female character design for my story

    A bust of Cumberbatch :

    A just for fun a detailed portrait of a dragon:

    My Gallery
    My Blog

    Thank you for your consideration


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    Not sure if my style is what you're looking for, but up for the commission!

    Here's my commissions info with examples and prices:


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    I would recommend Tiamat... he does some really cool stuff

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    Standard Commission Prices:

    Comm-mini price:

    If interested, please contact me. I'd love to work with you

    You can view examples of my art in my gallery, or at my tumblr here:

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    not sure if you found anyone yet, but i would love to give this a shot.
    I have a bit more of a anime feel to my humans, but if you would give me a few weeks to work on it, i can very easily whip up a human-esque commission
    Here are my humans so far

    the older ones in there are out of style, the newest full color one being my most recent style



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