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    So despite my first lower-back injury, I was feeling just well enough to visit my dad today and we spent some time at GameStop to kill the clock a bit before seeing Age of Ultron.

    Since it was only $6, my dad picked up GR: Future Soldier (I was tempted sorely to buy another PS4 game or perhaps Saints Row 3, but decided to hold off for now, same with getting PS Store money for Grim Fandango). But now we have two couch co-op gunsmithing games. My nephew wanted me to play Army of Two: The 40th Day when I showed up, but I told him he had to keep playing Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon since he had pestered my dad about it.

    Also, I watched the second Arkham Insider video from Rocksteady that showed off some Nightwing/Batman dual gameplay, with them double-teaming a bunch of thugs. It looks amazing. Cannot wait for that game (I need to replay City twice more, another new game and then NGP with the Dark Knight Returns costume).

    I'll dig into AOT tomorrow with my dad when I see him again and we both have working controllers (I'll take my old PS3 one down to sub in for his old one).
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    Haven't played a lot games recently other than Hearthstone, because I am trash. Poor Majora's Mask is still sitting in my 3DS, untouched and alone haha. I am thinking of picking up Never Alone for Mac tho.

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    So I just got back from my dad's an a lengthy gaming session.

    Army of Two: The 40th Day (PS3) is better than initially expected (the first needed a fair few improvements, but this one is more tolerable, though the enemies tend to blend in with the environments, which infuriates my dad).

    So far, I'm really liking the gun customization. I've set my main weapon to urban camo, but I swear it changed back for no reason after I clearly equipped the new skin. After the session ended, I picked some new preset masks (honestly, they have some decent designs, but I feel they really could have made some more, and I'm not going to the Web site to download custom ones or anything like that; there are a ton of games that allow custom art, why can't this game?). I'm hoping the changes stick next session, and I'll be sure to check our masks before we begin and to check my camo right after loading the save, before the next firefight.

    Currently, we made it maybe halfway through the zoo section. We've made three moral decisions, choosing to do "the nice guy thing" each time, and the first two made me wish I had selected being a dick...well, the first one to spare the guy I'm not entirely sure of, but the second I clearly regret. The third choice I am very glad I said no to.

    I don't like the mini-bosses, the dudes with the side/back weak spots, their ammo spots. The Gatling gun asshole was a total pain in the ass to take out (like the Predator, grenades only annoy him), though the grenade launcher guy was less problematic. The regular armored troopers are not too much trouble, you just have to blast the shit out of their faces and they're dead.

    I don't know why, but I'm kind of annoyed my dad decided to kill guys who were about to surrender. We were supposed to rescue a hostage, and we did it the first time (before getting killed by enemy reinforcements when he's leading us to the next area), but even though I again captured the officer and the dudes were about to surrender, my dad just starts shooting them and we have to kill them. I'm not trying to play the game to perfection, but it was more than a little unexpected and I really wish he'd just captured them again.

    We decided to keep playing the next time and wait until beating this game (and Extraction Mode) before moving to Future Soldier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nattles View Post
    Haven't played a lot games recently other than Hearthstone, because I am trash. Poor Majora's Mask is still sitting in my 3DS, untouched and alone haha. I am thinking of picking up Never Alone for Mac tho.
    Oh dear, I have so many games I haven't even started yet...
    I know I have at least two Phoenix Wright games, and two Megaman games left unplayed... And another of each that I've started but haven't finished. All of those are DS games. I still haven't got to finish my Pokemon X, either, because I haven't been able to borrow my brother's 3DS (I don't have one, myself).

    Then there's my copy of Ground Zeroes that I still haven't got to yet, because I haven't finished Peace Walker (both are Metal Gear Solid games).

    Actually, Never Alone is another game I have but haven't started. You are referring to "Kisima Inŋitchuŋa", right? Dunno if there are other games called Never Alone, but I just wanna make sure. ^^;

    (Yeah, I should probably stop buying games for a while. :p)

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    Beat Fable Anniversary's main story, working on cleaning up random achievements (making enemies kill their friends, summoning strong creatures...which strangely unlocked when I used the wasp to kill a regular black bandit instead of a bandit leader, but then I kept summoning the bandit until I got the leader as a summon; might get a balverine just for the hell of it).

    I need to do several more quests and unlock the last demon door, though I doubt I'll be able to get all silver keys, since the game seems to have either deleted one or I am unable to get the one for the book quest. I'll try the books, but I suspect my game has screwed me over. Goddamn Lionhead and their extreme laziness, not fixing problems from ten goddamn years ago...

    At least I'm finally going to beat the game after all the years since Lost Chapters came out, and once it's done, I can move on to something else.

    I've also started up another playthrough of Arkham City, because I want to do a new game plus run using the Dark Knight Returns costume. Doing just a tad sloppy, but then again I have already beaten the game like 5 or 6 times and it just doesn't matter much anymore if I make small mistakes. I'll still beat the crap out of the bad guys.
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    I'm getting really excited about the future of gaming! The latest Kickstarter games by big creative names will hopefully set a precedent that gives gaming a new golden age. With games like Bloodstained and Yooka-Laylee coming out it's making me feel like it's the original Playstation all over again.

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    Almost done with Fable Anniversary. Reached the last handful of quests from the expansion that was The Lost Chapters, and it shouldn't take more than three hours to beat the game next time I play, so I should be able to finish it on Thursday, which is when I have off for once. Once FA is over with, I'll delete everything from my 360's hard drive and sell the game and strategy guide (though the guide is technically for Chapters, since it's almost the exact same game).

    I'm debating between playing games or watching Moonrise Kingdom with my dad this weekend, but I'll ask if he minds doing both; if I arrive a little early we should have more time. We'll see.
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    I've been playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition that I was very kindly gifted, it's actually a wonderful game that is delightfully complex. Its gloomy atmosphere hits all of the gothic notes for me. I just finished Chapter 2 and I must admit it's starting to get to be a lot to chew on, this has to be the best video game interpretation of a story I've ever seen.

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    Streaming Axiom Verge with a voice filter if anyone's interested in that.
    Some item collection and stuff.

    Done for tonight.
    It was fun.
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