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    My copy of Metal Gear Solid (PS1, Greatest Hits) arrived today. Naturally, I will be putting it on my shelf to eventually play when I hook my PS2 back up in the future.

    Also, don't watch Gorgeous Freeman (Half-Life 2 Gary's Mod series) on YouTube if you value your sanity.
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    Man, I think I need to play a bit more Dead Space 3, just to see where the hell this game eventually goes. And then I need to replay the first Dead Space, and maybe hunt down a copy of Dead Space 2 to figure out what went wrong. Like, there's some shit wrong with this game I just can't explain. I mean, I had this same feeling when I played RE6, like, I do kinda like what's here, it just feels kinda broke and incomplete.

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    So I did something I haven't done in months: played more than five seconds of Dark Souls.

    Every time I picked the game up over the past several months, I couldn't bring myself to do more than stop playing it. Just didn't care to move forward with it at all. I figured I would delete all my game data (and the Artorias DLC) and just sell the game since there are plenty of people willing to buy it, especially with Black Friday and Christmas coming up.

    Throwing caution to the wind, I ran through the Valley of the Drakes to the Undead Dragon, woke him up with arrows, switched to my Drake Sword, got killed, ran back, used arrows and fire bombs, got my stuff and his stuff. From there, I proceeded into Blighttown just a bit, got the key to New Londo Ruins and quickly unlocked the gate, then made it to the Blighttown bonfire. Saved then quit.

    So I am somewhat pleased to have advanced so far as I have, but I just can't hold onto the desire to play this game much anymore. I have a lot of other games to get through (looking at you, Human Revolution), and this game is for a very niche audience. As leveled as I am, and with decent items and whatnot, I still don't feel especially confident taking on Quelaag, let alone the more difficult bosses (and damn do I like Ornstein's armor).

    If I don't beat Blighttown by early December, I will just delete my game files and sell the game. Somebody else can enjoy it instead. I'll settle for a video playthrough.
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    It's all Xo-Pachi's fault. He knows it.
    Sega does what Nintendon't.

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    It's happening, right now!

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    I finally finished Knights in the Nightmare!

    =D.... =)....=|... =(....>=[

    So, let's review. Uh... Spoilers ahead? Long Post is Long ahead.

    I really liked the mechanics, it's essentially a bullet hell mixed with rpg elements. The bullets only effect you because... monster bullets effect souls I guess. You use your, uh, soul powers to bring troops to life and have them attack monsters. This can be difficult because the game may set a unit too close to your weapon slots, so you may accidentally click a unit and charge them up with a basic weak attack and thus waste Time that you wanted to spend charging a more powerful weapon. Another thing that's irksome is enemy placement. Some are placed in a such a way that you have to spend time lugging your Knight (the only one who can move freely in all four directions) to the other side of the map to kill it. Meanwhile, they're throwing bullets at you. It feels like a cheap way to add diffculty.

    But I can forgive that a bit. What I can't forgive is how the story turns out. By the end of it, I care about literally only two characters, Piche and Algiery, because they get the shortest end of the stick.

    I originally felt bad that these characters lived in a Crapsack World. Their king was dead, the Cardinal was killing everyone for power, monsters were everywhere, Asgard blew up their Tower of Babel and the King of the Underworld is out and about. On top of that, Wisp You just wants your body back, but it keeps getting stolen because you were like a low key god who kept everything in order.

    Things changed for me near the end where I'm pretty sure things get padded. We meet the people who were cursed for building the tower who hate the kingdom because they were forced into slavery... even though there's no mention of them til now. We kill two bosses of them and...that's it. Plot point done? You are forced to kill poor Piche, who gets turned into a Harpy because Grandpa Cardinal is a dick. You're forced to kill a few characters who don't seem to deserve it, but hey, anything to get your body back, right? You can recruit Algiery, but she's pretty much dead anyway.

    We finally meet the Tiamats who got pushed aside by the kingdom. It's revealed that under their castle was the written version of low key god power. First of all, it's not supposed to be written down, as it's the Unwritten Law. Secondly, the Cardinal got close to taking this thing. They think about destroying it, but Advisor Is This Man For Real? is like, Nah, let's have future generations deal with it.

    No, he says this. And Princess Always Carries A Rapier agrees to this.

    History is gonna repeat itself because these idiots didn't burn a few pieces of paper. (The game actually tells you history repeats itself because FUCK YOU, TINY MORTALS! There's also a Clockwork God. He's useless because he's a Clockwork God.)

    The second thing that pissed me off is the final two boss battles. Throughout the story is a Witch named Yelma who wants your low key god power body. She gets it! She is literally the only character who suceeds in her goal! She has the power to... do god stuff! Why is she not the final boss!? I mean, you kill tens of monsters, and poor Piche because you want your body back. The game is constantly telling you this! So why on earth isn't Yelma, Witch of the Land of Stereotypes, not the final boss!?

    Nope, you get King Lackluster Wasn't I the Villian? of Some Type of Underworld and Edgy Angel I'm So Sad to frustratingly beat for a Crapsack World you can't save anyway.
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