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    Maybe if it's ported to PS Store, I'll get it one day down the road. Otherwise, I'll just admire the work from afar.
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    Eidos and IO cancelled the much-loathed pre-order unlock program for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, after seeing just how much it was reviled.

    Now you get all the bonuses except for the early release.

    Good move on their part.
    Sega does what Nintendon't.

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    So my genocidal sniper rifle/missile launcher rampages have resulted in me briefly becoming the blood-drenched Demon Snake in Phantom Pain. I'm slowly working to undo the damage I did to myself, but the good news is that every time you become Demon Snake and revert to semi-normal, it becomes harder to regain demon form.

    Eventually I will have my demon score dropped to pretty much nothing and I'll be good to kill more freely.
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    So Phantom Pain forces you to get involved in the Forward Operating Base madness once you beat mission 22 (which is the defense tutorial).

    Only way to avoid is to play offline...but that's a PC-exclusive ability, basically. You literally have absolutely no choice but to build one.

    I built a single platform to get the reqs met and then gave it decent defenses. I suppose the one thing preventing me from being absolutely trolled is that I don't have PS+, but I won't bet money on that.

    This feature was supposed to be purely optional, and I clearly recall them saying that. What a fucking lie. The price for raising your preparedness level from low to moderate is enormous (from a meager 300 GMP to a staggering 16,900 GMP). One level higher. Seriously.

    I'm disgusted that apparently you can have more than your security team stolen (the invader can steal or kill a ton of your staff if you don't stop them, to say nothing of stolen resources). This is not online, it's integrated into the campaign. FOB losses are tied (via staff, anyway) directly to single player.

    Massive goddamn problem there.

    Knowing Konami, especially given their current relationship with Kojima, I don't believe they will ever change this. Why should they?

    Looks like I'll be raising a shit-ton of money and good soldiers just to prevent losses from random assholes.
    Sega does what Nintendon't.

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    I don't think I got enough meat here for a new thread but I've been delving a bit into Primal Rage. It's not a "franchise" really, because it consists of one game that was ported from the arcade to a few home systems, had an unreleased sequel that was at least part way complete, probably some comics and figures and that's it. But it looks like something that might be worth checking out if you got any love at all for scalies, great apes, dinosaurs, end of earth/new earth scenarios. It's like someone purposely combined Jim Henson's Dinosaurs with Mortal Kombat. The stop motion was damn near CG, visually, except for the jerky framerate but the unreleased sequel even improved on that and introduced these massive, Greek Titan humanoid creatures. It's sort of like the same look and style as Killer Instinct, just with clay or rubber or whatever armatures are built from instead of polygons.

    I'm trying to learn how to play this on the Genesis and it's a pain in the ass, control wise but the options make it so a five year old could win if you wanna dumb it down that much if you just want some space to learn the controls. Even most Mortal Kombats and none from that era have anything like that without cheat codes or whatever so that's pretty generous from a 90's fighting game.

    I dunno, lots of people love to hunt down old games with niche appeal, 2D fighters always get some love, I'm not even a huge fighter fan but this is cool even in ways MK and KI aren't, I doubt it's expensive on whatever system you get it for, or just emulate it which I kinda wanna do.

    Wonder if there should be a Genesis thread. That system doesn't get enough props just for running as well as it does.

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    I have an issue or two of the Primal Rage comic. I still remember beating the game with every character. I recall Jim Sterling (back when he was on The Escapist) putting out an episode of his Jimquisition series in which he argued that Vertigo is still the only really great female character. I have Midway Arcade Treasures 2, which has Primal Rage.

    Anyway, I've been hungering for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes to pad out my GameCube collection a bit, even though the controller is not suited to that series at all.

    And as I've been advancing the story missions in Phantom Pain, I've been wondering if it was a good idea after all to beef up Mother Base so goddamn much (nearly 800 soldiers total, and after next mission I have to quarantine a ton of them and then blast through a couple missions to speed up the search for a cure). Gotta let my online combat deployment finish first, though, and I now have to deal with a nasty tick bite on my cat.
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    I've been going through a whole bunch of old games trying to decide if I wanna keep or maybe try to sell them, trade them for credit somewhere. Another odd one I found from the PS1 days were these two WCW games, Nitro and Thunder and they were the same game just with different arenas and characters. I remember the WWF games being way different - these are more like fighting games than wrestling sims yet the presentation is perfect for wrestling because the arenas look kinda smallish, but just packed. They're more like ECW than WCW but with the game's emphasis on weapons and brawling over traditional wrestling the smaller arenas and huge wrestlers make it look more like that style. Anything was better than actual WCW anyway so it's a huge improvement over the original product lol.

    It was niche but people used to mod these games, make their own areas and wrestlers, basically put WWF shit in the WCW game. I think there was even a furry wrestling mod or that might have been Smackdown 2 CAWs done up like anthros. There was probably both at some point.

    I got a PC copy of Nitro too, on top of the PC version of RE1 I got. Wonder how hard it is to mod games that old. Probably need an emulator or something just for the OS shit like that was on. RE1 is Win 95!!!!

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    Browsing eBay, it's impossible to find a copy of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes for GameCube that's both in good condition and modestly priced. Your choices are paying out the ass or getting into a bidding war before either losing or paying out the ass anyway.

    So I found a complete, good-condition copy of the PS1 version of MGS. I'll be skipping Portable Ops and the Acid games, but otherwise that's the whole series for me.
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    My sister convinced me to get Septerra Core on Steam for the sake of simplicity(it's hell trying to run it on a virtual machine), and the memories came flooding back to me! I could never finish it since something always happened to the vm. I was pretty pissed last time since I just unlocked Badu. It's a game from 1999, so used to always use a Windows XP vm to run it.

    The game has a few bugs and glitches in it, but the storyline is absolutely phenomenal! The game's religion is incredibly well-developed and all the characters are really amazing! ;v; It's sad that it doesn't have a big following; it's more of a cult classic game. I think if Valkyrie Studios/TopWare worked out all the bugs and glitches before it was released, it would have much better reviews on it.
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    I always wanted to master UMK3 because MK3 was one of the most brutally hard games I ever played and UMK3 was just more of it. I got the Arcade Kollection which is nice except that the difficulty setting is useless so it's hard to practice on. What do you think, is one of the console versions a good set of training wheels or might the differences do more harm than good? I'm strongly considering the Genesis version because I have the Genesis version of MK3 and its awesome just for the controls alone. I swear, somehow they're better than the arcade or at least the Kollection version.



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