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    A comic girl

    Hi everybody! My name is Sarah and I'm new to the forums. I'm an artist/illustrator/writer/whatever you wanna call me. I do a webcomic called The Gods' Pack. I'm 26, turning 27 this year (omg). I saw how active and supportive the artistic section of this forum was and thought I'd hop on in and chat with everybody. I usually don't do these intro threads so.... I really don't know what all people would wanna know about me! Soooo, ask away I suppose?

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    I took a look at your comic and it's actually nicely done. Most comics with wolves or anything of that nature are usually bad and extremely cliche. I found yours pretty interesting and you are very good and drawing wolves. :3

    I can hardly doodle kitties or any animal. :(

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    Hi Sarah!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀



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