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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazekai View Post
    Different priorities.
    Fuck, apparently. I don't matter as much as my sister so I'm just kind of a yelling outlet in my household. I'm glad I won't be there for a long time. Ugh.

    It goes beyond just basic cleaning, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zenia View Post
    I have read that roaches will live anywhere that people live... but in all my 29 years, I have never seen one here in British Columbia.

    ... We did have TONS of fruitflies and houseflies and at one point, ants. I had to put ant traps on my windowsill and all four corners of my room. I also put a flystrip in the kitchen above the garbage... and of course, one of the roommates or their guests smashed it into the wall and left a HUGE sticky mark on it. That glue is super duper sticky. They didn't even TRY to clean it until after I had finally gotten fed up with it (two weeks later) and scrubbed most of it off.
    Man, that's a relief, if I could I'd move there. I live near NYC and while the house is devoid of anything more than ants and the occassional "hairy scary", I seen roaches in other parts of the island, mad disgusting.

    Oh yes, those fruitflies are a mess, and particularly annoying when you're concentrating and they try to fly up your nose. And the flies are a huge health hazard, it's a shame that your roomies were so slobby they wouldn't even clean the bogus flytrap off the walls! D: You should probably glue them to the walls too, if you were there.



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