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    It isn't really broad reaching if the majority of people infringed upon can't really take legal action.

    It is however heavily skewed in favor of Big companies.

    Why am I making this distinction? Because it is far easier for a big company to sue another party (usually smaller or unknown) for infringement, than say the opposite to happen.

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    I think about this issue sometimes. on the one hand, I think it's pathetic that nobody wants to do the creative work themselves - so many people go for the lowest-hanging fruit. I suspect that the failure to value and respect the work of others is indicative of a generally distorted conception of value. I can understand that everyone needs to get by, and if parasitism is all one excels at then that's what they're going to engage in. but it's hard for me to conceive of someone with any sense of positive self worth who wouldn't want to succeed by their own merit rather than ride in the wake of worthier persons' efforts.

    on the other hand, I think anyone who creates anything replicable (and the tribal designs referenced in the first post are certainly easily replicated) has to understand that casual infringement is the prevailing trend and that they have next to no recourse in enforcing a copyright claim. the cheap flip-flops in the linked article are a perfect example of that. fair or not, it may do one well to cultivate their own creativity so they'll continue to succeed despite the leeches. "what are my parasites to me?...may they live and prosper; I am strong enough for that!"

    I do wonder though how I'd react if someone used some design of mine to market their product? I'm pretty sure I'd be pissed, but at least as much at myself as at the offender - because I knew that whatever I put into the public awareness is vulnerable to exploitation of whatever sort anyone decides to exercise. I'm taking the risk that that won't happen because I think I'm too small and unoriginal for anyone to notice or want to rip off; and besides, there's little I make that isn't taking from the works of others, whether I'm able to identify the source or not. at the moment I'm working on a sculpture that I plan to paint utilizing patterns lifted more or less directly from an xbox game. now granted that's a rather innocuous thing to do I think, since it just consists of amorphous color splotches and no one would recognize the influence and it probably won't even end up resembling the source material anyway, but *I* know it came from someone else's design. I'm honestly not sure if that counts as stealing or inspiration...perhaps i'll post a comparison here when it's done and see what people think.

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    stepping on the crowtche owf your americain presidaint
    Copyright infringement happens because it's an easy way to make a quick buck. I'm sure there are tens, and possibly even hundreds of other examples of the guy's work getting stolen than was show in said article that he'll never know about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AineCleine View Post
    Lesson of the day: People really love tribals that much.

    Pretty great read (and some parts are cringeworthy) but, really, the interior designer part got me laughing for a solid 10 minutes. How does an interior designer think that looks good for a living?? lol.

    Really unlucky guy gotta say.
    Glad I'm not the only one. Honestly, I was like "No. That makes a SCARY interior decal. Get a Fathead, loser!"



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