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    Convention panels

    So Weasyl did a panel at AC. Are there any plans to do similar at MFF or FC, the other two larger cons?

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    We are not currently planning any panels, but it is something we're looking into for the future. Right now, we're focusing more on getting the site ready for launch: making sure the features we want are implemented properly and finalizing our policies. We'll be sure to let everyone know where and when our next panel will be when that time comes though!

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    We would like to do something at FC, but nothing is set in stone/official yet. We also wish to branch out into conventions revolving around other topics so as to represent the broad and diverse community we hope to cultivate, but that's still a little ways away (Doing South By South West would be pretty ace, personally).

    All I can say with confidence is that we will do more panels in the future-- We just don't know where or when yet for sure.
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