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    Salut peoplez

    Hi everyone, you can call me Alice. I have found this site out after many of my friends from Deviantart started to make their own. It doesn't hurt to make another art account, so I joined Weasyl.
    Most of the time, I do digital art. Well, it's not very good digital art yet, but I'm trying hard to improve each day ^_^
    I'll just tell you guys that I won't be as active on Weasyl than Deviantart. I also have an art blog on Tumblr, but I guess I need to post more stuff there :/
    If you want to become friends, then don't hesitate to drop a comment on my Weasyl page.
    I''m not sure what else to write here... Uh, thanks again for reading this? I don't know XD

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    Hi Alice!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀



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