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    what's up

    i've been a lurker in the community for years and recently came out of seclusion to be active here; it's a pleasant environment and i've been comfortable so far

    uh idk okay, i do anything from music to art stuff to magic to activism; i'm good at a lot but best at nothing, haha

    aspirations at the moment include making clocks, running my own little repair/tinkering shop or cafe or something, modelling/animation, video game design, somehow surviving in nyc, yeah

    as of right now i make coffee for a living, which is cool

    guess my sona ;v

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    Glad you've finally made an' account, aard! XD

    Aha, "Jack of all trades, master of none"! I'm quite the same myself. Some people think it's better to be good at one thing over many, though I like being able to do so much without trouble.

    That sounds like a wonderful future; having your own mini shop - simplicity is the way to go! Do you make coffee from your home or are you actually in a factory making it? Either way though would be heaven having to smell it all the time hehe.

    It couldn't possibly be a aardwolf, would it?

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    Hi aardbutt!
      Welcome to Weasyl!  ☀
    Nice sketches.



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